Sep 4, 2013

Thursday 09.05.13

5 rounds for time, descending reps (10-8-6-4-2):
200m run
Handstand push-up
Chest to bar pull-up

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Fun little oddball format today.  HSPU and CTB are demanding movements, so we're going to start strong and taper the workload each round.  The challenge to you, dear athlete, is to maintain intensity and push hard every round.  Each round is easier than the last.  Yank that mental lever every time you feel the need to rest and just keep on truckin'.

Quick review of movement standards:
  • HSPU.  Rx is on the floor (or use 2 plates and an abmat), head level with the hands at the bottom and full lockout of the arms at the top.  If scaling, maintain full range of motion across all of the variations (see video below for ideas -- facing the wall at an incline, elevated/piked off a box, or from the ground in a "downward dog" type piked position).  One exception -- if you are close on a Rx HSPU, stack an abmat or 2 to set a consistent target for your dome while slightly shortening the distance traveled.  
  • CTB Pull-up.  Pretty simple -- arms fully extended at the bottom, chest in contact with the bar at the top.  Scale with standard pullups, or STRICT banded CTB pullups.  Would actually prefer to see the latter to help develop strength pulling through a greater range of motion.  Shoot for the lightest band needed to get you there.

Training Videos.
  • "Handstand Pushup Progressions" - Paradiso CF video, lots of scaling variations/progressions.  Tight core, tight butt, as close to vertical and a hollow body position as possible.  Don't hyperextend your back like the Invisible Man has you trapped in a Boston Crab.
  • "Chest to Bar Pullups" - quick demo from the same folks.  Experiment with a slightly wider grip to improve your ability to recruit your lats at the top of the movement.


Meghan Smith said...

Last day to order Rx Jump Ropes. A few of you have posted part of your order--if you haven't provided handle style, cable weight, cable color, and cable length I can't submit the order. Looks like we've got enough for at least 10%--I'll email you your total after submission.

Roger Wang said...

Meghan, I only wrote 9' for length but was unsure of rest of choices. Can you put me down for same as everyone else for color, handle style, etc please?

Meghan Smith said...

Roger, check out this link:

I can put you down for basic black ops handles, but your cable weight really depends on where you are in the DU journey. While they are easily swapped out as you improve, it's worth getting whatever level is the right fit for now.

Allan Jackman said...

I need to learn how to string CTBs together, no problem doing them 1 at a time.

Sam Friend said...

9:53 Rx
Refreshing to use a different part of the body today. My legs thank you... but I know they are better for the work.

Noah said...

9:43. Band assist on the HSPUs. I like the bands because they help me find full ROM in the HSPUs, which I can't do many of unassisted.

Nice job to all the sub 9'ers.

SuperiorJake78 said...

Today in Iron


11 puts me at approximately 460 for my deadlift, but as always there is a large gap between 460 and 335! Hard and good.

METCON - well, today I was feeling pretty worn out, especially after the deadlifts so I passed on it.

I consoled myself with my a 25 pound PR in the deadlift.


Ross said...


9:05 scaled HSPU facing wall and moving hands out from verticle. After focusing on Bar MUs for last 6 weeks my kipping rhythm was messed up on CTBPU I was wasting a lot of energy in "over" kipping if that makes sense but they still went OK..
pre WOD just couldn't get RX HSPU so I scaled for intensity.

Afterwards worked on HSPU was able to do 5 straight RX with kipping before I lost balance and fell. Ended up doing 30 total after the WOD mostly 2 or 3 @ a time all kipping.

Finished with 15 Bar MU.

Jimmy Chen said...

9'25". Not bad, and glad to see HSPUs! CTB pull-ups, however, needed some work since I have trouble stringing more than 5 in a row - now I know what to improve on!


9:20 Rx. Great WOD. I thought the rig was going to get ripped out of the floor. Very violent CTB PUs...

Susan Friend said...

9:02 Rx

A big thanks to Charles and Andy for cheering on the 0630 group and pushing us hard.

After the WOD, I worked MUs and broad jump box jumps with Scott, Jay & Jody. Increasing the launch distance from the box added an element of adventure to the ordinarily mundane box jump.

Andy said...

FS 5x5 at 165/185/205/185/185

Followed with about 20 mins of speed drills. Shuttles, sprints, change-of-direction drills, run-outs etc. Fun.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

*scaled HSPU to pike off of 30" box

Scott S said...

DL's 5 x 3 - 275, 295, 315, 335, 335.

METCON - 8:00 Rx. (Although due to mass group for 630 start did HSPU, CTB then 200m to divide wall space)

Great push this morning. Tried to keep pace with Jared. (note tried) Final push I was 10 ft behind him up to the turn around, then when I made the turn he was 30+ ft ahead and sprinting! Tried to catch up, think I was 4-5 seconds behind. Awesome group to WOD with!

Then Jared joined the box jump fun late and showed some super hops as a fellow average sized white guy. Pushed me again to follow just slightly behind his ability.

Jared said...

7:56 with the run at the end of each round due to wall space. Was feeling very good about out sprinting Scott in the end until I read his post about DL. If I pulled those weights (I can't) I would not be able to walk 200, let alone sprint. Then follow it up with box jumps! Great work Scott!

monroe said...

Snatch: 135 x 8+2 OHS
Front Squat 155x3x10
Dead Hang Pull ups 3x8

Dan R. said...

9:16 Rx. Need to work on HSPU skill. Good tips on stretching shoulders after the WOD.