Sep 11, 2013

Shut the front door!

Actually it should be 'shut the side doors'.  Hey, the Harney staff have noticed the side doors to the Bubble left open even when no one is using them, and on more than one occasion.  The cost of heating and cooling the Bubble has always been a contentious issue with the management, especially during a heat wave like we have been experiencing.  Let's keep the doors closed to conserve energy and let's not give the management a reason to turn off the HVAC, reduce hours or doing something else drastic to make us pay for leaving unused doors open.  It may not be an Iron Major CrossFitter but we would suffer the most from the Bubble being closed down so let's protect this house.


Jimmy Chen said...

Amen! Thanks for addressing this issue.

A little bit of conscientiousness goes a long way.

Scott S said...

Just for clarification to ensure we don't overreact or continue to violate gym rules.

For the side doors, since we do alot of METCONs with 200-400m sprints, is it ok to just prop it with a PVC, where the door is not swung open allowing air out/in, but the athletes can use the side door?

I think that if we only do that - small prop - for access, and reclose completely upon finishing the WOD, then we should be good to go.
I would imagine that the staff sees the door completely propped open and thinks it remains that way for hours (and likely accidentally does sometimes), but if it's just basically unlatched for 15-25 minutes at a time, and not wide open, hopefully we can logically use it and make everyone happy.

If not, and we are just going with keep it latched. I'm all for it, and will of course support whatever keeps the peace. Going out the side and back in the front or all front.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

You're right, Scott. Don't think there's any heartburn with using the side doors. Leaving them propped wide open is what causes problems, both from perception and no-kidding waste of money perspectives.

Mark is talking to MWR about unlocking the side doors when the gym is open. Even if that doesn't pan out, a small wedge or something ought to do the same thing. Failing that, the racetrack (out the side, in the front) ain't the worst thing in the world. Will clarify soon.