Sep 29, 2013

Monday 09.30.13

For Time:
Row 1500m
30 Thrusters (95/65)
30 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Post time to comments and the whiteboard.

Accessory work/skill practice afterwards:
1 min max reps box jumps.
10 static chin-ups.
40 sec max reps box jumps.
10 static pull-ups.
30 sec max reps box jumps.
10 static chin-ups.

Optional strength work:
Back Squat 5 x 5 (ascending sets to 80% 1RM)

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

For the METCON, there's no holding back on any exercise since there is only 1 round, push the pace the entire time and get it done!  Start in heats due to limited rowers, but keep the same order. Everyone likely does not need their own bars or KBs since athletes will finish at different times for each event.  Line up behind athletes with the same weights, and this will also push them to go faster!

For the accessory/skill work, partner up to practice the box jumps (for time) coupled with static chin/pull-ups. Strive to make each rep perfect. Full extension and control at the top. NOT a METCON, take breaks, execute with good form. This is practice for future WODs.

For the strength work:
(Remember last week's Crossfit Total for your percentages, most of the strength work will be directed by your 1RM's %).

For five ascending sets (ending at 80% 1RM), each of the five sets will increase in weight. Warm-up/build up sets don't count. General concept: your first working set of the 5 sets should be at 60%, then 65, then 70, then 75, then ending at 80. Do a good warm-up with a few build up sets prior. So you should have already done 3-5 sets of light weights at higher reps to get to your 60%. Generally this can be done in about 30 minutes. Get into groups of similar ability and rotate through, with partners and trainers helping load bars and watching for good movement standards. If the weight is too heavy, stay at the weight where your form does not break down. For this strength work we want to execute with as perfect form as possible, which is more important than the exact weight. Check that ego at the door, perfect practice makes perfect.

Training Videos.
  • Some tips on rowing technique.
  • And an overview of box jump mechanics.



Reference rowing : the video is one of the better crossfit ones out there bit keep on mind...
1. Think 70-20-10. Power is generated 70% leg drive, 20% opening the back/hips, 10% arm pull.
2. Maintain a good lumbar curve throughout the drive and recovery, so that you return to the "catch" ready to safely drive again.
3. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Long powerful strokes will dominate short shallow stokes. Keep your strokes per minute below 30.
4. Breath out during the drive. Breath in during the recovery right after your hands extend from your chest.
5. Have's only 1500m!


Scott S said...

Hey Rob,

I'd love another overview prior to the WOD tommorow, like you did for us last time. Maybe we can meet up and go over it again?

I'll be there between 530-545 to support early morning start, and warm-up, then do my groups strength work prior to the 630 WOD. Let's link up prior.

that goes for anyone interested in starting the strength work, we're warmed-up by 600 and starting to lift, you're welcome to join in.

Roger Wang said...

17:55 Rx Had to break up thrusters and KB swings, started out in 10's but had to back down to 5's.

Allan Jackman said...

11:05 Rx

Rob, thanks for the rowing cues.

Sam Friend said...

12:09 Rx

That row felt great. I needed that to loosen up my back after the weekend competition.
I hate thrusters... so probably need to work on them more. Great WOD, Scott.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Squat (1RM ~300lb)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 185/200/215/230/245

scaled w/ 35lb DB Thrusters; 45lb KB (couldn't find the 50lb)


Ross said...



Rx'd -9:02 but then again, Thrusters are in my wheelhouse, hit the bar @5:58, was on KBS by 7:30.

Skipped the skill work due to time, but did 5x5 squats worked up to final set @300x5.

Scott S said...

Dammit Ross, quit posting before me!!! I feel good till I see your numbers...extra push for the future.

METCON Somewhere between 10-1100 (second HEAT on rowers, and bad idea trying to do math of my row time and where I was at when I got done. I'll call it 10:30. Rx.
Although I owe my time to Charles, who finsihed his HEAT and then would not let me take more than a 5 second count down between sets, otherwise I would have added minutes in there. Thanks man. I also felt better than normal from the Row, Rob's advice taking effect.

BSQTs 5 x 5 after main WOD. 225, 245, 265, 275, 295(x3). Last 2 reps might have been there, but stayed safe.

Bx jumps 1 min - 27, 40 sec - 17, 20 sec - 12.

Noah said...

Started with the 5x5 BS (155,170,185,200,200).

Then the METCON at 12:38. Thrusters took a looonng time. Squattin' first certainly did not help my thruster performance. Good day of programming though.

Adam Thompson said...

12:20 Rx

Good WOD. Starting with the row really smoked legs and back going into the other two movements.

Ross said...

Scott S.

Sorry, I gotta get the good ones when I can... Soon enough there will be a BJ / Burpee / Pistol / HSPU WOD that I will come 25 minutes behind everyone else..

Andy said...

11:37(?) Rx on the WOD this AM. Felt great on the row, think I was off around 5:33 and feeling OK. Then thrusters hit me like a ton of bricks. Sucking for air while Jared blew by me on KBS. Nice work, good WOD.

BS over lunch to 265, coupled with PU.

Kevin Moyer said...

12:16 (75lbs/35lbs)

Had to break up the Thrusters (6 sets of 5) and KB swings (3 sets of 10) but I rowed a lot faster than I normally do...Thanks Rob!


12:04 Rx.

Did the row in 5:19, but the effort required to reduce row time by 20 seconds probably cost me a full minute on the thrusters/kb swings...

Will work on war gaming the WOD for better overall time in the future.

Jared said...

Forgot my time 10:40 ish. Did the row in 5:41 and then 6x5 sets on thrusters. Went in planning on the 5 rep scheme with very little rest between and that worked. Did not redline and felt good going into KBS. Did 15,10,5 with just a few breaths between. Overall felt good to have and then execute a plan. Did not get be below 10:00.

To Scott - I was here earlier, about to post and saw that Ross was the most recent. Closed the window and came back later.

Jimmy Chen said...

Didn't make it this morning, but managed to sneak this WOD in after 1530.

10'01", but had to scale to the 36 lb KB. My forearms are still killing me from Murph last week!

Susan Friend said...

I loved the WOD combined with the strength and skill work.

9:48 Rx on the WOD. Finished the row at 6:44, but made up time on the Thrusters.

I don't remember the last time I did a chin-up. It's interesting how just switching up the grip on a movement can make it feel completely foreign. Somehow I managed to get through all of the chin-ups and pull-ups, but they weren't pretty!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's WOD. Wall climbs are always interesting.

Jess said...

Did this RX and finished in 12:03. This was a tough WOD but felt good to push through it!