Sep 8, 2013

Monday 09.09.13

Establish a Max Height Box Jump then perform 10x reps at that height.

Rest until recovered (no more than 3 minutes)

Then, for time:
50  Burpee Box Jumps (20" for all)

Post time to the whiteboard and to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

The key to your box jumps will be the explosive hip and arm drive. The limiting factor is going to be how deep you can squat. The further you can squat or catch yourself in a squat the higher you’ll be able to go. The box jump has transfer application to the Olympic lifts, the Powerlifts, and overall power output.  

Video is from the CrossFit Powerlifting specialty course, and provides great pointers on not only the box jump but different variations to work the explosive aspect of the jump, such as the kneeling jump. Also a good time to sign up for the CrossFit Journal, I hear it’s free!

Training Videos.
  • Courtesy of the CF Journal, a discussion on Box Jumps.


Carlos Zayas said...

Andy I change the music on the ipod I hope nobody complaint now

Andy said...

Keep it clean, DJ Nasty C! :)

Meghan Smith said...

Jump Rope order has been placed. After a slow start we got enough orders in to get a 20% discount! I'll let everyone know when they get here and I'd appreciate payment before I hand over the rope. Take 20% off your handle style and then add back in $1 to cover shipping. If you aren't certain what your total is, let me know! I'd expect the ropes by the end of the week.

Allan Jackman said...

I'll be bringing the tape measure...

Allan Jackman said...


10 at 42", then 4 more at 44"

Sam Friend said...

4:50 and 42"
I don't know how some of you can throw yourself at the ground so fast. Last time I checked gravity pull everyone down at a constant speed. You must be supernatural!

Jimmy Chen said...

4'06" for the 50 reps at 24". Could only muster 30" with 10 consistent reps - didn't feel like eating it before the 50 reps.

Sam - I think it's more springing back to the box than jumping off since you are correct with the gravity assumption.

SuperiorJake78 said...

Today in Strength!!!


Tough 8, I tell you what. I think I had number 9, however I lost confidence - for once I could have used a cheering section... puts me at still around 390.

Box Jumps after that, which is just as awesome as it sounds.

Max Height hit 42" which is a 1/2 inch PR, then I ran out of time and didn't get my METCON done. I really thought I put regular box jumps too, I in the final draft my inner sadist came out... sorry about that!!


Noah said...

First tried the max jump and got seven hands which I think equates to 42".

Then met Jason W (Welcome) in the Bubble and proceeded to chase him thru the 50 burpees. Me 4:06 (20"), he was 1 burpee ahead of me the entire time.

Scott S said...

Clean and Jerk 5 x 1 - 185, 185, 205, 205, 185. Wanted a whole lot more, but just not feeling it.

Did the 50 prior to height max.

METCON - 4:48 on 24" Box.

Maxed at 45" (I think, have to check with Susan and Jared, might be 42), only 1 time, barefoot, after 2 misses. Did a few at 39". Ran late on time, watching Jared (inspiration for all of us 30 somethings) max out with mad hops. Nice job again Jared!! Not sure where you maxed it, but think it was up there, and if we had more incremental levels bet it could be more.

Susan Friend said...

4:13 and 39"

Met some new guys, Jason and Ryan, who jumped in with the 6:30 crew for some box jump fun. Jared was the King of the Box this morning with his super-springy legs and deep squat. He gave us some great tips on jumping. If I ever have so surmount a 39" object, however, I will just climb on top of it like a regular person rather than try to land on it with both feet!

Kudos to both Charles and Jared for landing 47" box jumps.

Ross said...


Well, I have been doing 10 reps @38" at least once A week for the past 4 weeks. So today I did 5@39" then tried 40". I got one pretty easily, then the next one I boned.. Toe slipped off the edge when i landed, scraped my entire leg and the mental block set in and I couldn't even attempt it again.. Dropped back down to 38" and did 5 more and called it a day on BJ for Height.

50 Burpee BJ @20" a very slow 6:17 today.

Meghan Smith said...

Got a late start so I was in between the 0545 and 0630 bueno on burpee box jumps alone. 6:23 or there about, slower than last time by about :45. Delayed arrival prevented max height work since I had to swap with hubs to get his gym time, so I'll work it later this week.

Jared said...

Did 10 at 45" then 4:22 @ 24" burpee box jump. After the 50 went back to the max and teetered a couple at 47".

monroe said...

Snatch 135x10, no misses!
Clean pull 205x3x3
Push press 135x5x3
Back squat 225x5x3

Matt B. said...

I read the WOD about five times, but missed the word "burpee" each time apparently. 1:17 for 50x box jumps, no burpees. Oops. Preceded by 5x5 Front Squat at 95-105-115-115-115.

I should have put a rope order in. I love my Rogue rope, but I should not have put it next to the squat platform last week. I unloaded a plate onto it and smashed the handle. Thanks IMCF for getting new community ropes!

Andy said...

Subbed 2 hours of dental work for my normal workout. Wait until you all see my new says "AMRAP" in platinum and emeralds.

10 total reps to est Max BJ. Hit 48", then failed 3 x at 48.5". Guess there was a big mental bock associated with that 1/2 inch.

No burpees on week 2 of rehab. 100 DU for time, 1:21 (huge PR). Ran 200s with 1:00 rest until pace dropped off, 8 total rds at 34-36s each.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Back Squat (1RM ~300lb)
5x5 @ 225lb

Max Box Jump = ~34" (stacked LMTV and tractor tire)

METCON @ 6:25

Hip mobility

Dan R. said...

4:59 with 24"box. Max box height was 48"?(2 of the large black square pads stacked)

Dan R. said...

I lied. I took a tape measure in this week and measured the black plyo pads. I think my actually max height on box jumps was 44".