Sep 26, 2013

Friday 09.27.13

Team WOD Med Ball Murph
As a 2 CrossFitter team with a single med ball (20/14), for time:
1 mile run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

Post time to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (Mass start time of 0600 for today, warm up prior and gather round for the WOD brief at 0550.)

Each team carries a single medicine ball (20/14) from start to finish. Penalty for the ball touching the ground at any time is 10 burpees each. Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed, only one person works at a time. Come up with a good strategy!  For increased excitement, add a weight vest.

Modeled after the Hero WOD in honor of Navy Lt Mike Murphy.  It's a tough one solo, and it's going to be a grind in this format.  Don't let it scare you away, everything is scalable. Will discuss options at the 0550 WOD brief.

SERIOUSLY!  Dust off your PT belt, and bring an extra for your forgetful friend.  We're going to be running through parking lots and along main roads in the dark.  It makes a difference. 

Training Videos.
  • Some Murph motivation courtesy of Crossfit Como.
  • Planned route for the morning mass start below.  Out toward Iowa all the way to Biddle.  If scaling to 800m, turnaround is smack dab in the middle of the parking lot entrance past the DFAC.


Roger Wang said...

Great hero WOD though I felt like the last kid picked for a team in dodgeball! LOL! Andy thanks for the push sorry for holding u back! I think I will use the weekend to recover.

Meghan Smith said...

Great work with Kevin and Jared...we each did 4 rounds of the 10/20/30 split. Carrying the sweaty ball with those 2 was a lot of fun. Thanks for the push through that second run. Not. My. Favorite. :)

No worries Roger--you weren't picked last...just means none of us can count first thing in the morning. And it doesn't look like you held anyone guys were movin'!

Scott S said...

Always a good classic. Maybe a more intense pace with a partner and running with a medball. I do think the medball, even only carrying it for half the time is harder than with a vest, the awkwardness of running with your head cocked over slows you down.

Jay and I experiemented with a different breakdown, keeping all reps at 10. Each of us did 5 rounds, and did a complete round before trade out. Don't know if it was a better way or not.
5 rds x
10 Pull-ups
10 ASQTs
10 Push-ups
10 ASQTs
10 Push-ups
10 ASQTs

Sometimes did 5 PLUPs at begining and end, to break it more. It made it fast paced, like a 'Cindy," you could always do each set, but the up and down from Push-ups to ASQTs might have slowed us down. Fun either way, and lots of good work.

RIP Murph. RX 38:11

Ross said...


Did good old fashioned grass drills with the cadets for PT today (50m of Bear Crawl, Lunge, Broad Jumps, Spider man crawl,crab walk, and inch worm then hit the stadiums seats for an iteration and then 2 15 ft rope climbs. followed with s some pull-up work (10 strict pullups, hold pullup position for 30 sec, 10 toes to bar, 5 pulls to each side, and repeat. I worked with one cadet on a few bar MU, did some OHS and Snatches light while I was waiting for cadets to finish.

After PT, I didn't do the Team Murph since I was solo, and I guess I was weak sauce since I didn't do a solo Murph either.

I played around with the Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down, that I saw on youtube earlier this week.

If you cannot get the link to work, go to YouTube and look for "NC Lab Bring Sally Up" its a squat routine set to Moby's song "Flower" every time he says "bring sally down", you squat and hold until you hear "bring sally up". It's more challenging than it sounds.

Tried to do it @135 and only made it about half way, rested 5 min and then re-attacked with 95 lbs, was able to get all the way through @95 lbs. Holding those squats in the down position with 135 (even @ 95) really gets taxing.

Andy said...

Last kid picked? I feel like I drafted Tom Brady in the 6th round. Great job, Roger! Push up machine.

33:46 I think. We got through 3 ea rds of 10/20/30, then finished with 4 ea of 5/10/30. Good turnout and great way to end the week.

Nice, Ross. We were just talking about getting our Moby on. Soon...

Ross said...

Andy, I recommend it, it was a whole different kinda of pain coming out of the squat position after about the 2 minute mark in the song..

Jimmy Chen said...

38'40-ish, I think? My second time doing Murph and it hasn't gotten any easier! Big shout out to my partner, Matt, who did an awesome job this morning.

Great effort by all, especially for those who got "Murph'd" for the first time and/or those who're relatively new to CrossFit.