Sep 19, 2013

Friday 09.20.13

Buddy WOD
In 2 person Buddy Teams,
10 minute AMRAP of:
25 meter Bear Crawl
Bottom to Bottom Squats

Post total team squats to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (Friday mass start time of 0600!  Warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at 0600.)
A great place to do these is on the practice football field next to the track (not the field inside the track). Get outdoors before it starts getting chilly with your buddies.
How to do this WOD: The bear crawl is the pacing event. The squats are the number you are recording. Why bottom to bottom? Because it’ll hurt more, and it’ll help develop the bottom position for your cleans, snatches and front squats. Remember that in the bottom to bottom you count the repetition at the bottom, and start from the bottom. Resting is done in the bottom position. You’re welcome.

Training Videos.
  • In the spirit of bear crawls, here’s something to put you in the mood.  Be the bear!  And not the elk, or the dumpster, or the fish, or the bison...


Cedric Burden said...

the field may be under water at the rate of this rain fall...alt at the bubble?

Jodie Kunkel said...

I've been such a flake this week, not sure if it is because the weather is changing or if it is toward the end of the course. Anyway, I missed yesterday's work out and this morning's because I misunderstood the location. Since I actually made it to the bubble this morning, I did the yesterday's WOD at 9:24 RXd then followed up with some snatch work with Charles.

Ross said...


Did something a little different this morning.

Ran the Cadets through a variation of the Med ball mile.

2 person team
1st person - 200m carrying a med ball (each person will run a total of 8 times - 1 mile each)
2nd person - does one of four exercises, 1st Burpee, 2nd Push up, 3rd Situp, 4th Air Squat, then repeat for second round)

So each person ends up running 8x200 with med ball and doing each of the 4 exercises twice. not nearly as confusing when I explained it to the cadets this morning. Oh and if you any reason your med ball touches the ground you both get a 10 Burpee penalty. I did more coaching than working on this one... but it was fun and well received by cadets - breaks up the routine...

Finished off with 4 min of tabata push-ups and 4 min of tabata sit ups.

Then went and did some snatch work I saw on youtube this week thanks Dan Bailey.
EMOTM for 10 Min
1 Hang Power snatch
1 Power snatch (from floor)
All @135, don't put the bar down during your three movements.

Finished with a set of 10 burpee bar MU.

Matt B. said...

Had a head cold all week, which I used to rationale more rest and less WOD'ing. Today I did a distributed buddy WOD that I found on IMCF from a few months ago:

100 hang power clean for time, with a 5 burpee penalty for putting the bar down. I scaled to 95#, but Rx was 115#.
11:23 for me, with 25 burpees. I put the bar down at 40, 55, 70, 84, and 96. Used the hook grip for about 2/3's of 'em, which preserved some grip strength for later.

Glad for the peer pressure of a buddy WOD, even if we weren't co-located. Otherwise, I certainly would have slept in!