Sep 5, 2013

Friday 09.06.13

“Hold On for One More Day (and/or Rep)”

In 4-5 person teams (1 min rest between stations): 
4:00 AMRAP Deadlifts / Bar holds at the hang (185/135)
4:00 AMRAP Pull-ups / Bar hangs
Tabata Pushups (chest to deck)
Tabata Abmat sit-ups

Score is total number of deadlifts and pull-ups performed, plus your two Team Tabata scores.

Coach's Notes.  (Early post to get the word out and let you digest a bit.)

Friday Team WOD -- 0600 mass start at the Bubble, WOD brief and form teams at 0545, show up early to warm up!

OK, these might be the most complicated Team WOD rules ever.  Don't worry, it's not that'll be crystal clear after the WOD brief.  Maybe.
  1. Deadlifts.  Athletes form up in a ring, each with a loaded bar.  At "Go", everyone performs a deadlift and halts at the top, hang position.  Athletes take turns performing single touch-and-go DLs in sequence around the ring, keeping a running count of DLs performed.  You must maintain an upright position in the hang -- no bent over rest positions. Work continues until ANY athlete drops the bar. All team members must perform 5 burpees, then the team can "reset" and go again.  Continue until 4:00 is expired.
  2. Pull-Ups.  Similar, with a twist.  At "Go", everyone hops on the pull-up bar. Take turns performing single pull-ups in sequence, keeping a running count. You must maintain the bar hold without touching the ground or supporting yourself in any way. Work continues until ALL athletes drop from the bar. All team members must perform 5 burpees, then the team can "reset" and go again.  Continue until 4:00 is expired. After the first attempt, athletes can choose to bar hold only while the remaining athletes continue to rotate single reps. 
  3. Tabatas.  Each Tabata interval is 20 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest for 8 intervals (4:00 total). For each movement, the individual Tabata score is the lowest rep count performed in any of the intervals.  The Team Tabata score is the sum of these individual low scores.  Use a whiteboard to record scores, and watch the big clock to manage your own intervals.
All told, 19 total minutes to complete the WOD.  We'll try to start 2 teams at the deadlift station every 5 minutes.  If performing solo, get the same focus on grip strength by doing 4:00 max rep singles with a 5 second count between reps, 5 burpees when you have to take a break.

Motivational Awesomeness.
  • "Hold On" - triumphant return of the Friday Retro Jukebox! An awesome Team WOD deserves an awesome 80's song, and the Wilson Phillips trio delivers. When your grip strength is gone and you're making your team do burpees, just remember: "You've got no one to blame for your got yourself into your own mess."  I know that there is pain, just hold on for one more day!  Beautiful, I tell you...


monroe said...

"Hold on, I'm Comin'" Sam and Dave.

Andy said...

Whoa, all the way back to 1966? You just broke the Retro Jukebox.

Allan Jackman said...

Huh? Must be before my time.

On another note, this will be a good WOD. Gotta have a good showing

Noah said...

What about "Hold On" by the Alabama Shakes? Not retro, but applicable here. Or "Tighter, Tighter" by Alive N Kickn. Absolutely retro there.

This may possibly be the most complicated WOD IMCF has ever programmed. At least since Neal left with his Two Man PR Event. That one required MDMP.

Russ Ames said...

Less sleep before team WOD, but well worth it to watch Manning and the Broncos go BUCK WILD!

Russ Ames said...

Great WOD format....grip smoker.

Plus I locked my keys in the car, so extra PT running home after the WOD!

SuperiorJake78 said...


Sounds like you had an epic morning!!

My littlest one decided it was would be great to wake Melissa and I up at 3 am. So I wasn't up for a team anything today.

Strength today:
Bench Press

Puts my approximate max at 260, 5 pound PR. Good enough!


Scott S said...

Awesome showing today!! Good WOD, especially for the large amount of people. And the format made it a good workout with both weights and gymnasitcs.

Met a few new people, hello to Justin and Quami(sp?)

Thanks to Andy for taking on role of flowmaster and time keeper. Tabata would not have been possible without someone controlling the center like that.

Susan Friend said...

It was fantastic to see such a large turnout at the Bubble. I love this WOD. I performed the DL/Pull-Up portion of this WOD at a competition with my first CF family, people who are still very dear to me.

It was great to see everyone working grip strength on the barbell and pull-up bars. Allan Jackman was the all-star of our team, throwing in about 30 butterfly pull-ups AFTER everyone else dropped off the bar.
Great job to all.

Ross said...


I did not hold on to anything today...

Ran cadets through our first session of "Boot PT" we do a series of grass drills, stadium runs, rope climbs, pull-ups, TTB, KNE, and Dips... Thought it was a pretty good session, ended up having three cadets puking, not my goal, but did make me smile a (on the inside)... Afterwards, I worked some Bar MU, Cleans @135, Snatches @135, OHS@135, and BJ @38". Finished with some HSPU work and a extra large coffee... Off to land nav later today then road march and BRM tomorrow... Fun weekend...

Jared said...

Monster crowd this morning - had to be near 50. Liked the format, did not like the penalty burpees. Our team messed up the Tabata count but that had no effect on the overall scheme.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press (1RM ~145lb)
3x5 @ 105lb
Push Press (1RM ~185lb)
3x5 @ 135lb
Push Jerk (1RM ~200lb)
1x5 @ 160lb

WOD: (as Army of One)
27x reps DL (w/ five-count)
25x reps PU (w/ five-count)
10x reps Tabata push-ups
12x reps Abmat sit-ups

10x10 (not for time)

Andy said...

Good fun WOD, even if I held my team back a bit. Took a pic of the board, will get it posted soon.

Nice phonetic spelling, Scott! Think it's Kwame. Russ -- that's what you get for going twice, you animal. Kudos to Scott for the solo effort and Russ for making cadets puke.

Kevin Moyer said...

Real grip smoker followed by Abs! Little confused on the pull-up scoring but definetly met the intent. Would love to do that one again..... in a while...after i can grip a pencil again.

Jimmy Chen said...

Agreed that it was a grip smoker. But, hey, that's what makes CrossFit so appealing - it's something (painfully) different every time!

Great effort by everyone from the "old lady crew!"