Aug 27, 2013

Wednesday 08.28.13

12:00 AMRAP
30 Double unders (sub tuck jumps)
20 Wall balls (20/14)
10 Sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65)

Post rounds to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

If you don't have double unders we usually have you sub singles at 3:1.  Don't want to do that in a short AMRAP and eat up 1:30 every round leisurely skipping rope.  So today, you tuck jump.  Then when you are done...pick up a rope and practice your DU.

Sumo deadlift high pull -- it's one of the foundational movements, but we haven't seen it too often in WODs.  Review form with a trainer if you have questions, and focus on an explosive extension of the hip and imparting some velocity on the bar.

SKILL: Afterward, dedicate some time working on the Burgener warmup. Sure, it usually goes at the front end of the workout on Oly days. Still, every rep you do correctly helps by training your central nervous system to perform that specialized muscle recruitment pattern.  Run through a few iterations, start to finish, with PVC/weighted PVC/empty bar.

Training Videos.
  • A few demos of the tuck jump here and here.  Pull your knees up toward your chest at the top and higher than the hip crease.
  • "Sumo Deadlift High Pull Demo" - with Matt Chan from Rogue.


Meghan Smith said...

While it won't help tomorrow, I'll be collecting an order for RxJumpRopes. The goal is to get it place by mid-week next week. We get an affiliate discount on full ropes of at least 10%, 15-20% depending on how many we order. Check out their site and keep an eye out for the order form in the Bubble. If you don't make it in, feel free to email me your info. I'll need handle style, rope weight, rope color, and rope length. There are instructions for how to measure, as well as what weight rope is recommended for each stage of DU and it's easy to replace/update your cable as you get more proficient. (Bubble sign up sheet preferable)


Scott S said...

I'm in!

Rob - I need a replica of your rope!

Sam Friend said...

4+31 Rx
Again, impressed by the sharing in the 0545 group. Never had to wait for a bar or spot on the wall.

Allan Jackman said...

4 rds + 9

I think my wallball form got better (efficient)!`

Russ Ames said...

Thanks meg for the mass order!

BS : 3x5 235
SP: 3x5, 105
PC: 5x3, 135

Thanks Mark for bringing me up to standard on Clean pulls. I was setting up as for DL......rookie.

Susan Friend said...


Thank goodness Andy left his rope at home and had to do DUs with an unfamiliar rope. I needed a self-esteem boost after yesterday. :)

monroe said...

Shifting to Olift focus, three weeks out from the Kansas State Meet.
Snatch complex x 3: 75lb (2x MS, SB, HS)
Sn 125x2x5
FS 185x3x5
Clean pull 185 3x3
DH pull ups 3x8

Ross said...


Wow what appeared to be an easy WOD had me gassed after the first round.

Warmed up with first day of Cadet PT, nothing too strenuous, just introduction for most the new cadets.

Then jumped pretty much right into the wod after some just movement warmups to make sure my body was tracking what was expected.

Ended with 5rds +30 DUs and feeling sorry for myself for sucking wind so much too many rest breaks.



My rope is a 2.6 Elite from RX Smart Ropes cut for a 72" person.


Scott S said...

Thanks Rob, will likely order an exact repllica. Like to mess around with it again sometime.

Strength - DL's 5 x 3 - 275, 315, 335, 365, 335
Kind of rushed on the sets to get to the 630 mass start. Not enough rest between, went down for last set.

METCON - awful.
3 rds plus I think 10 WB's (forgot, but wrote it on board)
DU suck. I hate everyone who just seems to glide through the jumps. I think my rope(s) are broke. Watching Andy and Susan lap me was not motivating!

Ross said...


Scott, DU will come.. Its one of those things once you start working on them, just one day it happens.

I really didn't get them until I bought my own rope and started using it consistently and then it took some time.. Even now if I don't warm up right or get smoked or lazy in form I will trip myself up.. After you get them with your own rope, every once in a while pick up a different rope and work them, remember constantly varied applies to more than just our exercises but all everything about our routines (inside / outside, track / road, my rope / someone else's rope).

Jared said...

4Rds+39 RXd this morning. Had my best DU day ever. The key for me to finally link DUs was slowing down my cadence. I was very proficient at fast singles and tried to maintain that speed and just jumping higher. It did not work. After many mornings of watching Noah and listening to his cadence it finally clicked. One goat down about one hundred left to work on.

Andy said...

4 + 54. DU kicked my arse, would blame it on the rope but more likely tired shoulders from WB/SDHP. Tough combo of movements, I got ambushed.

Every dog has its day, Susan! Good job this AM. Nice work also, Ross.

SuperiorJake78 said...

You know Russ,

I still set up for cleans like I'm doing a deadlift. You wind up in that position regardless (your knees have to get out of the way).


monroe said...

Jake, What you say is true IF you set up for the clean the same as the set up for deadlift. The difference is that in the clean the position of the bar at set up is over the joint of the big toe (roughly), whereas in the DL the bar is much closer to the center of the foot with a more vertical shin and more inclined torso. Positioning the bar over the toes allows the lifter to establish and maintain a more upright torso, essential for the second pull. The path of the bar is a backward scoop, rather than a vertical one, as with the deadlift. This allows the lifter to get the knees out of the way while staying upright as possible. That is the theory, anyway. As with everything there is no one way.