Aug 20, 2013

Wednesday 08.21.13


18:00 AMRAP:
Run 200 meters
9 Deadlifts (275/185)
6 Burpee bar muscle-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ricardo Barraza, 24, of Shafter, California, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based in Fort Lewis, Washington, died on March 18, 2006, in Ar Ramadi Iraq, when he came under small arms fire by enemy forces during combat operations. He is survived by his parents Francisco and Nina, his siblings Amanda, Rachel, Jamie, and Frankie, and his fiancee Maghan K. Harrington and her daughter Kayla.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Scaling guidance.  Not too often that we program a Hero WOD mid-week. They are a challenge, physically and mentally, for the most experienced and skilled athletes. I've heard the opinion that you should never scale a Hero WOD...malarkey. Check your ego at the door, and scale as needed trying to keep the original structure and scheme.

For DL, reduce load as needed. Recommend using common combos so multiple people can pool and  use the same bar, such as (225/155) or (185/135).  For burpee bar muscle ups -- we only have the 4 end bars.  A variety of scaling techniques listed below:
  1. Rx
  2. Reduce # of burpee box jumps per round, finish with burpee pull-ups
  3. 6 x burpee pull-ups (bar 12" above reach)
  4. 6 x burpee jumping pull-ups (bar at mid forearm height)
Recommend using the "new" 200m run route along 4th St. Early group, throw out some cones to mark a running lane.

ADMIN NOTE -- there will be a big group of senior NCOs in for a TRX training from 0600-0700. MWR has requested they use the old rig in the corner. Early group, play nice but ensure we carve out space on the big rig...we need the end bars.

Training Videos.


Allan Jackman said...

Heavy and technical

3 rds + 2 Burpee Bar MUs (225lb DL)

Large group this morning, luckily people know how to share weights.

Sam Friend said...

My brain said, "No problem". My body said, "You're not doing this to me again". It must have remembered Monday...
I got the first 2 rounds of Burpee Bar MUs, but only got 4 on the 3rd and 1 on the last. Did Chest to Bar after failures.

4 rds + 1 DL (225lbs)

Matt B. said...

Rolled with the morning crowd today. Good to see new faces... and some really old faces.
Scaled to 225DL, and Burpee Pullups. Website said scale to 6x BPU, which I did. Afterwards I saw the board said scale to 12x BPU.

5 rds + 8DL

Sam Friend said...
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Dan R. said...

4 rds + 10 BPU (#235 DL). Maybe a little heavy on DL, but was limited on plates when putting my bar together. 12 BPU's per round makes me really, really wish I could get a bar MU.

Susan Friend said...

3rds + 6 DL Rx

I enjoyed the challenge of the heavy DLs and the Burpee Bar MUs. However, I was disappointed that I didn't have to share a pull-up bar. I was looking forward to a forced rest.

Jake78 said...

Today - had to take a recovery day, so I did yesterdays WOD with about 30 minutes to warm up. Lifting heavy stuff is taxing!!!

5:23 on WOD at 170lbs.

I think I need to lengthen my rope just a hair as I kept whacking my toes.

I'll rock this one out tomorrow.


Scott S said...

RIP Barraza, good WOD.

4 rds plus DL and 1 BBMU, Rx.
Took my rest after each run, committed to DL's unbroken. Great big crowd, easy group to share bars and work with.

Andy said...


No place to run, did 3 rds of DL/BBMU Rx not for time. Tough even without the METCON, lot of missed MU reps. One to revisit sometime to do it right. Fair winds, Barraza.

I've been at Leavenworth too long. Bewildered that there are 13 gyms and 3 golf courses on this base.