Aug 16, 2013

Upcoming Events

A bunch of things going on in the next few months.  Post your feedback or questions to comments!
  • 17 Aug On-ramp Class. Registration for tomorrow's session is closed due to overwhelming demand.  Next one should be in mid-Sep, details to the site soon.  If you are looking for a Saturday workout, stop by the Bubble at 1230 and join us for a Hero WOD (TBD). There is also the post "Run for the Fallen" going on this weekend, early start and I believe you can do same day registration.
  • Labor Day WOD. (2 SEP)  Continuing the Hero theme...any interest in a 0800 holiday workout on Monday, 2 Sep?  We can coordinate a joint event with Elizabeth's crew if interest is there. 
  • Tough Mudder. (21-22 SEP) If you hadn't heard, there is a Tough Mudder Event in Topeka on Sept 21/22. CF affiliate teams get a 20% discount on registration. Talk amongst flyer attached and posted in the Bubble.  If someone wants to head up a team, start your crosstalk in comments.
  • Post Run Season. If it's your thing, lots of races going on the next few weeks (Great Escape Run - Sep 7; Freedom Run - Sep 14; FMWR 1/2 Marathon - Oct. 5). Details here.
  • SAVE THE DATE -- IMCF Winter Games.  Mark it down for Saturday, 16 Nov.  Time to test the skills with a little in-house competition.  More details to follow, but it will be an individual competition with a variety of divisions: Rx/Scaled, Men's/Women's, Master's.  Stay tuned.

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