Aug 26, 2013

Tuesday 08.25.13

For time:
Row 1000m
Run 400m
50 Box jumps (24/20)
40 Knees to elbows

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Compare row time to Jackie on 05.15.13. A nice little M/G chipper for you that will test your engine and your mental toughness.  Keys to success?  Steady, methodical output and minimal downtime on transitions and rest periods.  Get after it.

Plan on multiple heats due to the cap on rowers.  Should be able to push groups every 10 mins or so without having to worry about logjams later.  Send your experienced athletes early so they'll clear the box jump area quickly, and can spot check movement standards and motivate subsequent heats.

Movements.  Ensure you are opening hips on top of the box. Scale by reducing box height or performing step ups.  Full range of motion on FTE (knees TO elbows) if you can, or scale with knees as high as they'll go or hanging knee raises.

Training Videos.
  • "Box Jump Efficiency Tips" - old favorite...simple tip of thinking of the movement as starting and ending on top of the box.  If you want a deep dive, click around for Starrett/Paoli's "Perfecting the Box Jump" vid.
  • "Knees to Elbows Demo" - quick visual on KTE standard.


Jimmy Chen said...

Good ol' fashioned endurance one! Should be a lot less painful than today's WOD.

Also, I really liked the videos that go over form. The box jump tutorial was *very* insightful, as it forces you to be more efficient with each jump.

Can't wait until tomorrow!

Russ Ames said...

11:39 Rx ....going great until I lost the kip on K2E


3x5 BP: 185
1x5 DL: 275

Sam Friend said...

11:51 Rx
One of my better rowing days.

Allan Jackman said...

13:15 Rx
KTE were challenging.


12:50 Rx
Good WOD.. A lot of ghosts this morning...

Jake78 said...



Early August, I did 135 on the Press for 8 reps, and they were hard! Did 10 today and they were not nearly as hard, and I might been able to get another, but I hit my goal. That puts the approximate math at 180, five pounds off what my actual 1 rep max is, but since I likely could have gotten another rep, I think it's fairly spot on for the press.

13:30 on the WOD, did the rows last which made it very taxing my on grip! Could have made up time in a lot of places, but meh, I was happy after getting 10 on my press ;-)


Ross said...


Man KTE were slow today.

Started the day with a good warm up then did some BJ work worked on efficiency at 24" then worked up and did 10 @38"

Bar MU, could only consistently string 3 today, kept failing on my 4th one. Did three sets of three then singles to get to 25 total.

OHS 3x10@135

Snatches worked singles to 10 @135 concentrating on form and depth of catch/ squat.

WOD - RX'd but like I said KTE were slow and had to break them up a lot.
time - 13:13.

Andy said...

10:57. Felt a little gassed on BJ and had to break up KTE more than I hoped. KTE are definitely not a scaled version of TTB. My core was smoked. Good WOD.

Handstand and L-sit fun with S&J after.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Clean and Jerk* (1RM ~200lb)
5x3 @ 170lb
* used the lead-in to redo yesterday's WOD. Everything is okay after the "emergency"

"Jackie" @ 9:55
~20-30 secs wasted transitioning to find open pull-up "bar" in GloboGym this afternoon.

Snatch Balance
Snatch Drop

Susan Friend said...

14:22 Rx

I ran an extra 400m. Someday I'll either get better at math or running.

Matt B. said...

2 rounds of CF warmup, then burgenor warmup + snatch balance @ 45#.
Yesterday's Jerk WOD 5x3:

Then single hang snatch and full snatch x20 @75#

monroe said...

Track day: 8x220 at 6min mile pace.
First one was 46 sec, last one 42. Need to break out my metronome again.
Followed by: 30m Handstand walk, 3x10 box jumps, 5x10 TTB, foam rolling.

I'll do the WOD when I get home

Scott S said...

I do pretty much nothing good after rowing, especially running.

BSQTs prior 5 x 3 - 225, 225, 255, 255, 255

11:50 Rx
The 400 was pretty dang slow. Felt better on the pace of BxJmps, steady throughout, and ok but not great on the KTE. Second Andy on that it was much more of a core smoker than I thought it would be, and taxing on grip.

Andy's also being pretty humble, while Jay and I did HS's for time on the wall, he did his free standing, which was quite impressive!

Jared said...

11:30 as RXd this morning. Hate the row to run transition, legs just don't want to work properly. Had to break the KTE into small bites. Total loss of grip by the end.

Jennifer MaGill said...

13:48 - Did KTT (knees to triceps :-/ ) and I still had to break them into doubles at the end!