Aug 19, 2013

Tuesday 08.20.13

3 rounds for time:
AM Results

5 Power clean (75% of 1RM)
50 Double unders

Post time and load to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

A quick one today, by design. Trainers, help spot check PC form with light weights before Go time, assist in selecting the right load, and be generous with cues during the WOD. Controlled first pull, keep the bar close, straight arms through the shrug, full extension, fast elbows...

Spend any extra time on focused mobility work or light gymnastic skill work. Some light sets of opposing work on the GHD (situps, hip extensions) or handstand holds would be solid choices.  And if you didn't do DU on today's WOD, spend some time working on those.

Training Resources.
  • "Teaching the Power Clean" - down and dirty exercise description from the Burgeners.
  • "The Power Clean" - old article by Rippetoe. A meandering read that discusses the merits/purpose of the power clean and finishes with some good teaching points.  If you can't access the link, it means you haven't signed up for your FREE CF Journal account.  C'mon, man!
  • And, two double under videos that you've probably seen before.  A short one from Chris Spealler, and another detailed one from Again Faster.  Vids are good, but the only thing that is going to make it click is practice.  And more practice.


Ross said...

IMCF SD DET reporting from the twin cities..

Traveled all day yesterday, did a run with the cadets in the morning but missed any other workout..

Today's WOD
5:58 with 185 lb on the power cleans, seemed slow this morning, must have been the barley water from lastnight..

Allan Jackman said...

4:27 at 165 lbs.

Enjoy short WODs with pseudo-heavy weights.

Russ Ames said...

Saw my DU goat and ran away....
Just kidding, de-load week. Not quite 50%

BS: 5x5 , 195
SP: 3x5, 95
CLean: 5x3, 115

Andy said...

Drink Guinness, for strength.

3:36 at 165. Load was about right, just started to lose some snap on round 3.

Worked some quick 3-position power cleans as part of warmup. Fun, had never messed with them before.

Jacob Heppner said...

Caught up on yesterdays 30x Muscle ups for time workout: 3:31. Going to catch up this workout during lunch.

Sam Friend said...

5:13 at 155 lbs.

DUs are steadily improving. Felt good.

Jake78 said...

Today was a good day for Iron
Did the CrossFit Total since I haven't done that in long time, and I was anxious to see reality instead of the math.

Back Squat 350 - failed at 360 twice
Press 185
Deadlift 405 - failed at 415 twice

Overall I think if I had been a bit more conservative on my weight and rested a little more before each attempt I probably would have gotten higher. But it's all about perspective.

When I started this journey back in June of this year my maxes were
Back Squat 320
Press 155
Deadlift 375

30 pound improvement in the BS
30 pound improvement in the Press
30 pound improvement in the DL

I can honestly say right now, I'm strongest I've ever been in my life.

Chalk Up,

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press (1RM ~145lb)
5x3 @ 135lb

4:47 @ 150lb
*DUs were hard today

Bar Muscle Ups (steping off of 20" box)
*get good grip by stepping off box; unable to complete jumping from the ground

Scott S said...

@*(@&$^&#$&@*@*!(! Double Unders!!

9:02 @ 165# and a committment to do the DU. PCLNs felt great and was able to touch and go on all sets. Time was all DU.

Strung a few sets of 10's together, 1 set of close to 20 with lots of 3-5 and severe whippings between.

Robs Rx Rope really did have some magic dust on it while warming up, did a PR of DU around 25+, didn't come back during the WOD though. Want to see if IMCF wants to do a mass order for Rx ropes like we did last year to get a discount? I'm in if so, if not I might just order it soon anyway.

Jacob H you're a sicko.

Jacob Heppner said...


185# press!?!?! Thats really impressive!

Jake78 said...

Other Jake,

It wasn't easy! It actually went back down for a second, but I think the fear of the bar crashing on my head inspired me to greatness.

940 total.

My bodyweight 165.

Matt B. said...

6:07 at 135#