Aug 5, 2013

Tuesday 08.06.13

4 RFT of:
Run 400M
50 air squats

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**Groups will meet at the track to start at the standard times listed below.**

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to 3..2...1...Go at these times)

Compare to 04.10.13.  So a mile run combined with 200 air squats...anyone can do that, right?  Question is how efficiently can you perform both movements?  Squats can get knocked out with poor form and 400M splits can be plodded thru with little regard to the stride but then what's the point?  We want to make our last round as efficient and correct as our first one and ensure we are not bleeding energy in either movement or degrading into broken movement patterns.  So, in preparation for rounds 2-4 where our legs are going to feel like they have paint cans tied to them we need to wire our brains for the correct movement patterns.

Have your warmup include some anterior chain mobility (see video below), and practice your squat mechanics and your running stride before you 3, 2, 1 Go.  For squatting...Keep your shins vertical, drive your knees out on the way down and back up, stable shoulder and don't tilt your torso forward.

Training Videos.
  • KStar has some gems here on quad mobility .   Find some time to do these at the bubble before heading down to the track, your quads will thank you later.  "Flare your cobra hood!"

And you think these men need to consciously think about proper squat mechanics?  No, of course not!  It is natural for a human to feel comfortable in this position.  It is unnatural to struggle with full squat depth.  Spend some time building up your 10 minute squat capacity.  Note the one dude up on his toes, clearly not supple!



Some of us will meet at the track at 0600 to stretch and then kill this thing around 0625. Army clothes get right of way...

See you at the track.

Allan Jackman said...

Don't let the weather stop the WOD!!! Start time at 0545 for the extra-early group, meet at the track on the Southeast corner of Cody and Biddle at 0530 to warm-up.

Ross said...


time- 10:58 over 1:40 faster than sane workout in April.

Afterwards worked handstand walks, was able to get 5 good steps...

Biggest report of all, well after being able to do Ring MUs for over a year, after three weeks of dedicated goat work I finally got my technique down and was able to get my first ever Bar MU! Actually got it first try this morning, need up doing 3 for 4 reps happy day!

NGM said...

Led off with some light snatch work to focus on mechanics, specifically getting under the bar and catching it lower than I have been. A few presses as well before heading to the track for a dismal 12:38 on the WOD. 400's were slloooow. Noah.

Andy said...

11:31 today (vs 11:50 in April). Runs/squats felt decent, but I spent too much time resting/transitioning.

Snatch work after. Intended to set a 3RM from the hang, but it wasn't there. Ended up goofing around with sets of 3 at mid-weight and playing with grip width and receiving positions.

Banner day, Ross! Congrats on the bar MU, and awesome time on the WOD. Impressive work by the big man.

Russ Ames said...

Forgot watch....11-12 minute ish.

Then day 2 of starting strength. Work sets:
Squat 3x5 at 225
Press 3x5 115-115-105
Power clean 5x3 at 135

Dan R. said...

11:22-Did workout on 08/07 ater compleing 08/07 WOD.