Aug 28, 2013

Thursday 08.29.13

5 rounds for time:
10 Hang power snatch (95/65)
Run 400m

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

WODs like this make me wish I had some of those fancy hybrid Crossfit shoes...sort of.  HPS -- going from the hang takes out all the complications of pulling from the floor.  Dip to mid-thigh, and explode from the bottom...speed through the middle and quick turnover at the top.  Revisit that Burgener warmup to grease the groove for the WOD.  Remember your hook grip!  If you don't know, you'd better axe somebody.

Standard 400m route.  Push yourself on the runs, but be smart on arriving back at the bar ready to snatch.

Scaling guidance -- keep the run as is.  If you're scaling today, it's on the HPS.  Preserve the rep scheme and scale the weight.  If you have the basics of the movement down but Rx is daunting, go (75 or 65/45).  If you are a novice (i.e. still giggle every time you hear someone say 'snatch'), there is nothing wrong with an empty bar (45/25) or a PVC pipe.  We want to reinforce good movement patterns here, the strength aspect will come.  Do not exceed your capacity/skill level and perform 50 sloppy reps...doing so will reinforce bad habits and open the door for injury.

Training Videos.
  • "Hang Power Snatch Demo" - what right looks like, by the Burgeners.
  • "Teaching The Snatch" - Level 1 seminar excerpt with Josh Everett.  First 6:00 methodically explain snatching from the hang using the Burgener warmup as the foundation.


Meghan Smith said...

Sign up sheet for Rx Jump Ropes is taped to the board. Will submit next Wednesday morning after WOD.

Sam Friend said...

17:40 Rx...

Please remember... My wife is the Queen of the Snatch. I am more like the Jester of the Barbell... especially as I watch Allan and Charles lap me, then start walking on the run and still beat me by more than 4 minutes. Great job guys.

Oh and Andy... I am sure that you didn't mean to call Susan a dog yesterday... did you?

Allan Jackman said...

13:37 Rx
Gotta thank Charles for the last 400.

Allan Jackman said...

Sam, did you just write, "My wife is the Queen of the Snatch"?

Ross said...


First off reread the wod when you wake up, I did the 400s first then the hang power snatches, not a huge deal i guess

Had to push myself on the rums and work on reminding myself to correct my running form. Snatches felt great, went all 5 rds unbroken avg about 22 sec a round for snatches.
Time- 11:55

Susan Friend said...

13:02 Rx

Snatches were easy. Running was miserable as always. Thanks for pushing me Scott and Mike.

Where were you this morning, Andy?! I was looking forward to beating you again. I’m guessing you were resting up for tomorrow. Someone’s got to carry Charles.

monroe said...

Jake, Russ, see yesterday's post for a discussion of the difference in setup for the clean/deadlift. I think we may need to add a Forum to our IMCF web page...

Scott S said...

Great WOD. Not good watching the 545 crew. Looked miserable but good push.

Thankfully had Susan and Mike to try to keep up with and didn't allow any breaks. Good crew to have pushing the pace, otherwise I would have easily sandbagged some of it.

13:18 Rx.

Thanks to Jared and everyone after the WOD for some help analyzing and working on some refinements for OHS. Although I think Jared got some devious satisfaction putting me in the awesome yet awful stretch positions for my traps and lats!! Still a goat that I really want to get, among my many!

SuperiorJake78 said...

Lost all motivation for the WOD today, so I'll have to do it this afternoon.

However - in Iron today:

Puts the approximate max at 440. Good and hard.

Sam needs to bring in a crown for the queen ;-)


Andy said...

Ha ha. A lively comments section today. Unit PT trumped WOD time this AM. Probably best, so I didn't have to face the fallout of my ill-chosen idioms and get schooled at the snatch by the Queen. My pride is a fragile thing.

monroe said...

Well, that was swampy. Felt like NC out there. On the plus side, didn't take long to warm up.
14:05 RX. Snatches unbroken, but running was slow after a big squat day yesterday.

Jared said...

Great WOD this morning. Good 0630 crew though I watched most of them run away in front of me. 15:36 as RXd. Did all the HPS unbroken but the run was more of a rapid walk.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Snatch (1RM ~165lb)
5-5-5-5-5-5 @ 95/95/95/115/115/115

15:42 scaled to 80lb

much needed mobility/rolling

Long time since I last worked the snatch. Scaled to save shoulders. Snatches got "easier" as the day and WOD progressed.

Mike D said...

Great group this morning... I need to make a habit of getting in to work out in the morning. Thanks to Susan and Scott for the push.

13:23 Rx

Meghan Smith said...

Thanks Mike for not letting me dog my last run. 16:20. Glad to put weight overhead, but need to get back to it more.