Aug 21, 2013

Thursday 08.22.13

8 x 200m sprints

Jog 200m for the recovery interval

Post sprint times to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Track is preferred, but you can also use a 200m stretch on the DFAC road.

A good warmup is key for this type of workout.  Light jog, plenty of dynamic stretches and running drills, and some short strides before going on the clock.

Shoot for hard, consistent splits.  Your goal should be to complete all 8 sprints as quickly as possible, but within +/- 3-5 seconds.  Don't fizzle out too early.

Training Resources.
  • "Sprint Warmup and Cooldown" - solid article that describes an ideal warmup/cooldown. I know you're not going to do 'em all, but provides some good ideas on some things to incorporate.
  • If inclement weather keeps you from running outside, head to Gruber and do 8 x treadmill pirouettes.  Just kidding, get out and run.


Allan Jackman said...

Aboutish times

:33, :35, :35, :36, :37, :38, :40, :35

Gotta say thanks to John & Sam for the motivation this morning.

Jake78 said...

1RM on the Bench Press

I must add, that is definitely no world record, however there was a time in my highschool years when my goal was simply to be able to put two plates on (225). So it gives me the utmost pleasure to be able to do any weight above that. Seriously, a wolfish grin never leaves my face when I'm doing it!

WOD: Did the intervals my splits are:

Consistent... not really, but unless you count steadily getting faster. Those times tell me I need to warm up harder when I do intervals.


Ross said...


Travel day late tuesday night, all day meetings and lack of sleep kept me out of the gym yesterday.

Warmup then some moderate box jumps at 36"

Was able to string 5 Bar MU, then knocked out singles till I hit the 25 mark.

did the workout this morning on the indoor track is only 160m so the times are lower.

finished with 5x5 of snatches @95 and 3x10 OHS @95.

Dan R. said...

:35-:37 on the intervals. My jog between the sprints was very slow.

monroe said...

At the track at noon. 48 for the first one, 44 for the last. All others right around 46. Finished with mini metcon of 3 rounds of 8 dead hang pullups, 10 box jumps, 12second L-sit.