Aug 18, 2013

Monday 08.19.13

“30 Ring Circus”

Part A (choose 1):
30 Muscle-ups for time
30 Ring pull-ups
30 Ring dips

Part B:
30 Ring push ups
30 Toes thru rings

Chose between options in Part A, all perform Part B. Only MU are for time, the rest are for quality.

Post MU time and rep schemes to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Part A. Compare MU to 04.29.13.  If you can get your thirty, get after it. If you can string muscle-ups, but 30 is out of reach (for now), pick an intermediate goal, (10, 15, 20, etc...) Otherwise, recommend working strict form on ring pullups (false grip preferred) and dips.  Don't worry about time, get a minimum of 30 each in the least number of sets possible.  If you have more in you, go for it. This type of ring work will build the strength and stabilization skills you need to get your MU. All you'll have to add in is a little technique.

Part B. Everybody does these.  Same idea as described above.  Minimum of 30, in as few sets as possible.  Archer pushups if 30 doesn't sound tough.

Scaling notes. We already talked scaling on structure/scheme.  If scaling individual movements, try to keep it on the rings...different stimulus than performing on a static device.  Priority of scaling:
  • Pull-ups. Jumping ring, inverted ring rows, bar with light band, bar jumping.
  • Dips. Full extension at the top...your tris should be protesting. Ring with band, jumping ring (with PERFECT form, no jumping on top of the rings), then bar or box.
  • Push-ups. Just get 'em. If you must, use a soft plyo box to anchor your knees. On the ground as last resort.  Do plyo pushups if equipment limitations in outlying areas. 
  • Toes through rings. Leg raises on the rings (straight/tuck), then TTB/KTE/leg raises on the bar.

Training Videos.


Jill S said...

Greetings IMCF folks! Newbie alert! (: My name is Jill and I plan to join 0545 group tomorrow morning. I normally train at a Cross Fit box in Arlington, VA. I will be at Ft. Leavenworth for the next month and am excited to continue training. I am looking forward to working out with y'all.

Andy said...

Hey, Jill. Lots of regulars at 0545, ask around for Allan or John and they should be able to get you on track.

Sam Friend said...

Great to see the new faces from the On Ramp at today's WOD. Everyone had a great attitude, especially for such a difficult task.
I got 15:10ish on 30 Bar MUs... and I only just got my first Bar MU a couple weeks ago!
That is the kind of opportunity CrossFit provides... I didn't think I would come close to 30 MUs, but said I would try... and I surprised myself by accomplishing much more than I thought possible.


34min for 30 muscle ups... Brutal. On the bright side, I doubled my lifetime total of muscle ups.

Allan Jackman said...

Jill S,
I had an early meeting this morning, will be at the bubble tomorrow morning at 0530. I aim to have a group start around 0545 each morning.

Andy said...

30 MU, 7:46. Thanks to Susan for keeping me working hard. Lost a minute vs my last attempt, I'd blame it on Lumberjack 20 on Sat but I just haven't been practicing them like I used to. Hard to juggle all the competing skill work. PU: 15/10/5, TTR: 15/15

Way to gut it out, Rob! Love the persistence.

Matt B. said...

Learned from last MU party, and this time taped my wrists and chalked up before each attempt. Got to 24 complete before ripping palms on an attempted #25. PR on the # of MU in one session (+3) and PR for being able to string a few together today into sets of 2-3. 20 minutes or so on MU.
PU: 7/5/5/5/5/3, TTR: 10/17/3

monroe said...

I did 15 MU's as part of my warm up with no shoulder issues. Mashing the anterior delts on a LAX ball really helped mobilize the shoulder joints. I quit before fatigue set in to head off injury. Also, learned regluar grip MU's (thanks Mike M!) which really helps string together multiples.
Followed with:
Front Squat 155x5x3
Press 110x5x3

Scott S said...
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Scott S said...

Finally back on the blog. Good to see some of the crowd from Sat On-ramp! Lots of work being done by a huge crowd. I see the IMCF community growing pretty big this year.

Tried to segment my MU so I could be fresh for the final push. Watched a Pat Sherwood video doing 1 every 9 seconds, so I thought that I might be able to maintain 1 every 12-15 seconds. But between failing miserably to make my timer work correctly, and the mass of crowds needing to cycle on the rings, I ended up just doing singles for the first 12, then going into doubles and triples. Then the clock was taken over toward the end, so I have only a faint idea of my time, likely between 10-14 minutes, which is at least a 9-5 minute PR, so either way, good stuff. Felt like I could have pushed much harder.

Followed by the Ring work, then 5 x3 FSQTs 225, 225, 225, 225, 245.

Russ Ames said...

15 MU, tnen parte B 15 & 15. 19: 40

5 sets for 30 ring pushup, 4 sets for 30 TTR.

Jill S said...

Thanks to all of you who welcomed me this morning. One thing I appreciate about CrossFit folks is their hospitality and encouragement. Y'all are awesome! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow, Allan!