Aug 11, 2013

Monday 08.12.13

For time:
1,000 turns on the jump rope

rest, then...
5 sets of max effort L-sits

Post times (DU total and individual L-sits) to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2,1...Go" at these times)

Simple math...1,000 singles, 500 double unders, or some combination of the two. Or, take the easy way out and do 333 1/3 triple unders. Ensure you bring a rope if you have one. The ropes at the Bubble have seen better days.

On parallettes, legs parallel to the ground is the L-sit standard today. You can also sub a pair of dumbbells, stack plates, or use boxes for the same effect.  Lots of ways to scale: use boxes and a tuck (bent legs) like the video below, or with a hanging L-hold from a pullup bar or rings (again, either straight legs or in a tuck). You can also ramp up the difficulty by performing on the floor (no bars) or above the rings at the top position of a dip.

Training Videos.
  • "DU Progressions" - from the people that make RX Ropes. Lots of decent DU instructional videos out there. Best way to get better is to get a few tips from a trainer, then practice and practice some more.
  • "L-Sit Demo" - quick one from Reebok CF One with some of the scaling options discussed previously.
  • "L-Sit Progressions" - note how the gymnast works to press her hips forward and in line with her hands (:43). Significantly more difficult...something to work towards.



Sounds great. Will make sure to stretch/roll out the forearms, calves, and Achilles...

I might even wear shin guards to prevent "death from a 1000 lashings"

Allan Jackman said...

I think my time was 11:46, all doubles.

Muscle-Up into a L-sits
about :30, :20, :15, :15, :15.

Sam Friend said...

13:05, mostly doubles, but counted singles leading up to doubles as well.
I recently got Bar Muscle-Ups and strung 5 together! I tried a couple Ring Muscle-Ups with John and Allan's encouragement, but just don't have the technique yet.
Then I had to run home to give Susan a chance to workout. That was a fun one.

Andy said...

10:57 (DU). Happy with that compared to the last time I did 500 double unders, i.e. never. Real tough stringing together 10+ by the end.

L-sits(s): 30-28-24-big rest-33-25

Hoping to get some snatch work done at lunch, an out of time from yapping too much this AM.

Susan Friend said...

15:25. That was horrible. 500 DUs will definitely expose technique deficiencies.

Ross said...


OK those DU did me in. The first 100 were fast - first 50 under 30 sec, right at 1 Min for the first 100, the next 100 I lost all coordination, and form, kept trying to tuck my feet for whatever reason - messed me up mentally and left me out of breath took me out to like the 6 min mark. Got my form back on the next 100 and did steady sets of 20 to 30 to get them done.
Counted only my DUs, 500 DU for a time of 13:38.

L-Sits, performed on Dumbbells standing on end, after resting 5 min from the DU, I did these EMOTM - not great performance, but steady across all sets. 15 sec, 16 sec, 15 sec, 15 sec, 14 sec.

Jake78 said...

Today in Strength and Iron!!!

Back Squat

I almost blacked out on the seventh rep of those squats. It was glorious. That puts my approximate max at 370 which would be a 20 pound improvement from three weeks ago.

9:48 on the WOD.

Did 10 sets of 50 double-unders with about 20 to 30 seconds rest between sets. It was taxing but I avoided the 1000 lashings that could have happened!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

11:10 as Rx'd (all doubles)

L-Sits (dip bars)
:25, :20, : 15, :15, :15

Ken Gleiman said...

Finally back to IMCF after almost two months out with a hip and back injury. Good news is my swimming is much better.

11:20 today. Broke it into groups of 100. 1st 200 all DUs. Last 800 50 DUs(25) and 50 SU.

L-sits on the rings. Great idea John Powers.

monroe said...

I did single turns, unbroken, in 6:39.
Followed with
Back Squat 185x5x3
Bench press 140x5x3
Dead lift 250x5x3

I'll get the L-sits later tonight.

Russ Ames said...

Welcome back ken....

From Fortress Bragg:

Bs 3 x5, 235
BP 3X5, 185
DL 1X5, 285

No Ropes, so will buy one and makeup 1k reps for tuesday warm up.

Closed with 5 min cumulative L-hangs. 15-20 secs per set