Aug 4, 2013

Monday 08.05.13

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

then, 3 rounds (not for time) of:
5 Glute Ham Raises
10 Toes to Bar

Post loads to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warm up prior and be ready to "3..2...1...Go" at these times)

Weightlifting day!  Compare to 08.31.12?  Perform some warmup sets, then hit your working sets at either 85% of 1RM across or build to a new 1RM.  Re-posting a favorite instructional video below, and there are tons of resources available online to help refine your form. Better yet, work with a trainer for some pointers and have someone whip out their phone and record an attempt for some visual feedback. Split jerk or push jerk, your choice...use whatever is comfortable.  You don't have to split to go heavy, just ask Kendrick Farris.

We are going to follow with some gymnastics-based strength and skill work, balanced between the anterior core and the posterior chain.  Rest at least 2 minutes, then perform the 3 alternating sets of GHRs and TTB.  Do NOT perform for time! Focus on quality, and rest as needed between exercises. Glute ham raises can be done on the GHD devices, or the red monstrosities in the corners of the gym. They are essentially a hamstring curl using your bodyweight for resistance, and strengthen the hammies while working the rest of the posterior chain.  See the vids below for demos and tips.

You are probably familiar with toes to bar (TTB) by now. If you haven't figured out how to string them together efficiently, let that be your focus today. If 3 sets of 10 does not sound challenging, perform them as a strict movement with NO kip, isolating the abs and hip flexors.

Training Videos.


Russ Ames said...


Then as Rx for ghr, TTB .

NGM said...

Worked my way from 135 up to 165 but then went down to 145 for the remainder. 165 tied my PR and got up but form was lacking.

Jake78 said...

It was a good day for iron in the bubble this morning!!

Back Squat
Which makes my approximate max at 360 which is consistent with last week. Boy o' boy, that was tough, I might have been able to get another rep, but I was in the zone of "may not be able to stand back up."

Spent the rest of the time coaching the clean and jerk. Will have to hit my 7 reps later today.


Dan R. said...

135-155-165(f)-165-135-135-135-135Dropped weight towards the end to focus on good form.

Andy said...

C&J: 185-195-200-205-210(F)-210-215(F)

Tied PR at 210 but got sloppy. No consistency, every attempt felt like a unique and exciting adventure. Need to get back in an Oly rhythm.

GHRs on the GHD were brutal, felt like I might snap a hamstring/calf. Much easier but still taxing on the red machine things. Haven't done them in ages...I suspect Mark is responsible for their return.

monroe said...

Andy, You may thanks Jake for those. Nice total today!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Row 1000m @ 3:47

C&J (1RM ~195lb)
1x7 @ 165/175/180/185/190/195/200*
*New 1RM @ 200lb

Follow thru:
No GHD and no good way to replicate so...
50x TTB

monroe said...

Starting Strength today:
Back squat 205x5x3
Press 110x5x3
Power Clean 145x5x3
Finished with 2 sets of dead-hang pull ups, 12, 10.
Got six muscle ups today, with no pain! I attribute that to spending a Sunday afternoon working a lacrosse ball into the tangled mess I call my left shoulder

Ross said...


Started with BJ worked up to and did 10@38"

C&J 1ea @ 135, 185, 205, 225, 235, 245
then 5 full squat clean and jerk @185

4x5 of OHS @135

two failed attempts on bar MU, then worked glute ham raises modified (no ghd) and ttb, good rhythm on ttb today.