Aug 29, 2013

Friday 08.30.13

“My Buddy”
Area Layout

In 2-person teams, 20:00 AMRAP:
80 yd Fireman’s carry (down and back, swap at turn)
40 yd Wheelbarrow (total - down, switch as needed)
40 yd Buddy jumps (leapfrog! - back, alternating)
80 yd Saddle-back carry (down and back, swap at turn)
1 Buddy run lap of the field (~250m)

Post rounds completed (and partials) to comments.

Coach's Notes. Friday Team WOD, you know the drill!  Planning a 0600 mass start at the Bubble, WOD brief and form teams at 0550, show up early to warm up. 

Great Odin's it really supposed to be 102F on Friday?  Isn't it almost fall?  Don't save your workout for later, start your holiday weekend off right and come join us at 0600.  Meet a new buddy, then carry them around a little bit.  Don't show up late, or you'll get stuck with a big sweaty dude like Charles.  If the WOD sounds complicated by the writeup, it's not. Carries/G movements on the course in the grass, followed by a lap around the outside.  Details at the WOD brief.

Heads up -- celebrate Labor Day by laboring a bit.  Two choices for Monday, since many of you may be travelling or have plans.  First option is a 5k...treat it like a TT and benchmark your run performance.  Or, if you can come join Elizabeth and the Tactical Athlete crew for a Hero WOD in the AM.  Show up when the gym opens at 0800, and be ready for a 0830 start.  WOD details on Sunday's post...

Motivational Stuff.
  • This WOD is dedicated to my fellow children of the 80s...remember this one? (WFS)  Tempted to post the "Thunder Buddy" song, but gotta keep it clean.  Google at your own risk.
  • On a serious note, check out "A Different Version of Crossfit." If you can identify with the first paragraph, read on.  Somewhat of a contrary view to the usual CF message, but one that becomes more relevant the longer you ride this train.  We tend to fixate on the here and now, but at some point you have to consider the long view. Thoughts to comments?


Jimmy Chen said...

Just read the article. I strongly agree with the author's point that after a "magic number" age-wise, we start focusing on other priorities. Getting the almighty Rx really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things when the consequences include pervasive, nagging sports injuries that may develop into something more serious later in life. I also feel that as most of us transition from the hard-charging 20-something into the steadfast 30-something, we face a crossroads of sorts emotionally and mentally. While most of us refuse to accept that our bodies naturally slow down a bit, there are others (like me) that see physical fitness as a form of wellness rather than breaking personal records.

I can attest that taking a day off CrossFit benefitted me a great deal. I take my active recovery days on Wednesday doing laps around the pool and/or going on a slow, non-timed run. The concept of going hard as you can on Mondays & Tuesdays, taking a "break" midweek, and hitting it hard again on Thursdays & Fridays works for me.

Of course, for all you mustangs out there that are still hard-chargers, more power to you! But this old soul will be content to live to WOD another day.

Now, with that being said...can't wait until tomorrow!!

Andy said...

FUN WOD today. 4 rds, 180 yds (?) today with Aaron. Leapfrogs were by far the slowest/most taxing.

Jimmy -- thanks for the thoughtful perspective. I am still in Al Bundy mode, thinking I am back at Polk High. Hard to take the foot off the gas, but I know I don't recover like I used to. There are definitely weeks where I wish I was on a 3-on/1-off cycle. When that negative return signal starts to get a little stronger, I'll have to reevaluate my approach. Need to more fully embrace the mobility aspect as well...

Jimmy Chen said...

Two rounds and 150 yds. Kip was my buddy this morning.

Not too shabby!

Andy -- Not at all! Thanks for sharing the article and giving us all some food for thought.

Ross said...


Team wod this am was a 6 mile ruck with the cadets @ 15min/ mile pace.

I followed one my own with some stretching then 30 bar MU and 3x 10 of OHS @ 135 with only a min break between sets of 10.

Matt B. said...

Andy, thanks for the article. Good food for thought, and I "process" slowly. I can probably write an article on my thoughts by mid-next week. As a former long slow distance (LSD) guy (and good at it), I am now a firm believer in functional fitness at high intensity. I only do "jogs" now (in minimal shoes too) if it's for fellowship with a running buddy. Snatch and pullups have topped my favorite excercise list over 3-hr solo bike rides. I have seen gains in all 10 performance attributes over my former self; and I have to keep that lens, because chasing the Rx or the guy next to me leaves me drained and "micro-injured." I tried Outlaw programming after the Games this year, and within a month had to bail out to a pulled hammy, a pulled neck, and other smaller disabilities. I won't be going back to LSD workouts; though I like programming my own seasonal workout plan, I like that now I just look on a website and it tells me what to do for GPP; however, I'm also wondering about picking and choosing some high intensity CF wods 2-4 per week, then having another focus 1-3 days per week. The "ends" for me are keeping diabetes and health in check, and having the strength and endurance to play with my family, and do "work" around the home. I'm just as crabby and unfun to be around in a hurt and overtrained state as I am in an over-worked, undertrained state.

On a related note, I've started doing a Friday buddy wod with a buddy in Platte City. With 2 weeks till bow season, today was a "stress shoot" wod:
Each round, partner 1 runs 200m (more like 300m probably), while partner 2 does 95# thrusters. When the runner returns, switch exercises. When partner 2 returns from run, both partners shoot two arrows each at 30 yds.

The point was to get the heart rate up before a shot and do some deliberate breath control. We did about 4 rounds before agreeing that thrusters suck... but they did the trick.

Susan Friend said...

I rename this WOD, I Can’t Get Enough of You Baby,
as rest periods were taken wrapped around the waist or shoulder of your teammate. Good times.

As for growing older with CrossFit, I still live by the mantra, “You can have excuses or you can have results, but you can’t have both.” That said, I’ve found that I get better results when I take rest days and don’t slam my body at 100% every day.

Allan Jackman said...

Josh and I, 4 rds. 10 minutes in, I was wishing for a 15 min AMRAP.

Overall, good team WOD.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Freelance Friday!

Bench Press (1RM ~205lb)
3x5 @ 185lb

WOD: (in keeping with the intent)
20:00 AMRAP
100m Fireman's carry (150lb sandbag)
10x Holes-in-One (95lb stone & Michelin LMTV radial tire)
1x Rope ascent (~25 ft)
~250m run
2 rds + sandbag carry + 2 Holes-in-One

Putting it all away!
Tire roll up hill
Stone carry back to the gym
Sandbag carry back to the car

*Hole-in-One = Tire flip, pick-up and toss stone in the tire's hole

monroe said...

Sorry I missed the morning fun, I'm really enjoying coming in with the earlier crowd. Today is my baby Susan's 17th birthday, and Mary and I wanted to make the start of the day a big deal.

So, Andy P's article. As for most of you, fitness is a lifestyle for me. That means something different for all of us. The WOD is only one expression of that lifestyle, for me. I have always focused on what most would consider fringe aspects of that lifestyle. For instance, posture, nutrition, sleep, and breathing enable everything else I do. I treat these aspects with the same respect I give my time working out. These are the things I give 100% to every day. Discipline in the other 23 hours of the day makes my capacity and enjoyment of the WOD so much better. I'm 57 this year, and still hitting PR's. I got to this point by living a couple of sayings. 1. Warm up well. If you don't have time to warm up, you don't have time to work out. 2. Start slow and taper off. This is all about tempo and not burning out. 3. Stay fresh. Unless I'm competing, I always leave something in the tank. I train in discomfort, but never to exhaustion. 4. You can't out PT a crappy diet. Self explanatory. SO with apologies to Neil Young, I certainly don't want to rust, but I don't think it's better to burn out.

monroe said...

OBTW, today I did:
C&J 145x3x5
Clean pull 205x3x3
Back Squat 225x5x3
Dead hang pull ups 4x8