Aug 15, 2013

Friday 08.16.13

"It's All in the Hips"
AM Results

In teams of 2, perform ascending ladders (1, 2, 3...10) of:
Med ball clean (20/14)
Kettlebell swing (53/35)
Hang power clean (95/65)

Follow with 10-15 min of ring/bar MU skill work

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 

Standard Team WOD mass start at 0600!  Warm up prior, gather at 0550 for a WOD brief and to form teams.  Coordinate other group start times on the blog.  FYSA -- expecting a large outside group in at 0630, we should be done and out of their way well before then.

Using a single med ball / KB / bar per team, start with MBC.  Partner A does 1 rep, Partner B does 1 rep, then 2, 2...10, 10 before moving on to the next movement.  If you need to use different weights (scaling, mixed team), high five between movements to keep the transition honest.

Spend some time playing with muscle ups afterward, both on the rings and on the bar.  Work transitions and form, and see what you are capable of.  That will help inform your scaling approach if you should happen to encounter MU in a programmed WOD sometime soon or next week.  Don't work for your hands.

COACHES CLINIC -- nothing formal, but to follow up on our two sessions this week and prep for On-Ramp this weekend...if anyone wants to stick around and practice delivery and timing of the progressions, we'll huddle up immediately after the WOD and see who we have to work with.

Motivational Videos.

  • "Muscle Up Virtuosity" - A late add to guide your muscle up skill work.  Shows some unique progressions to help you get closer to that first MU.  Galassi is a great teacher.  Click around for relatedvids in the series.
  • The key to both Cleans and KBS is a powerful extension of the hips.  Here's a quick instructional video from our guest trainer, Chubbs.  Don't use his coaching techniques or I'll be fielding EO/SHARP complaints.



I'm dedicating tomorrows WOD to Chubbs bout you?

Jake78 said...

No I'm dedicating today's WOD to Chubbs!

In the Iron Game today:
Bench Press
Puts my approximate 1RM at 260 which is ten pounds more than last week. This method is starting to grow on me, at first the single exercise a day was didn't seem like enough, it seems to be working pretty well.

Only had me and Joe, so the Double J's got 18:30 using a 14 pound med ball, a 53 pound kettlebell and the bar for HPCLNs.


Ross said...


I modified this a bit and ran my cadre through it this morning.
ascending ladder from 1 to 10 of
BJ 24"
KBS 53lbs
MBC 20 lbs
Hang Power Clean @95 lbs
Complete 1 of ea movement, then 2, then 3 .....then 10. Performed solo for time.

13:42 for me.

Andy said...

Small but motivated group this AM. 18:37 with Mike (Rx). Looking forward to some muscle ups next week.

monroe said...

Warmed up with a 500m row
Box jumps 10x3
Muscle up 1-1-1-1-1
Snatch complex x 3 with 75lb
Starting Strength:
Squat 195x5x3
Bench press 145x5x3
Dead lift 275x5
Finished with jerk practice 95lb3x3 focusing on footwork and speed.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


DB Swings (55lb)
Hang Clean (95lb)
@ 12:06

Subbed with pull-ups; Globo couldn't let me use the 20lb med ball that I discovered the other day (something about paid classes/instructors = crap)
Grip started failing the 8-rep round

DB snatch practice
*no where to do muscle ups (bar or ring) at Globo.

A bit disappointing but made it work