Aug 8, 2013

Friday 08.09.13

As a two person team, perform 400M of burpee broad jumps.

Post time to comments.

And reminder, the Bubble closes at 1300 on Friday for PAIR Day setup.

Coach's Notes. 
Standard Team WOD start time at 0600!  Linkup at the track early for warm up and we'll do a quick WOD brief and form teams around 0550 to start at 0600.   If you need a partner for another time then post to comments.

So this one requires some partner coordination.  The goal is to have the partners alternate every other rep of burpees.  So Athlete A does the first burpee, while Athlete B is walking/positioning himself or herself right next to their partner.  When Athlete A lands on the track at the completion of burpee broad jump #1, then Athlete B is right next to them at the same spot and drops into burpee #2 but not until the first partner lands the broad jump.  When Athlete B then lands at the end of their burpee broad jump, Athlete A begins burpee #3 right next to where Athlete B completed burpee #2.  And so on.

Just take turns burpeeing and it should all work out. 

COACH'S CLINIC -- We will huddle at the track immediately afterwards.  For any new trainers planning to support the 17 Aug on-ramp (or ANYONE interested in becoming a trainer) we will talk through how we run IMCF on-ramps, review the basics of managing a small group effectively, and answer any questions you have to help you prepare. Next Friday, we'll do the same but the focus will be breaking into small groups and rehearsing delivery on teaching the 9 foundational movements.  You don't have to be an L1 to attend.  Coach's clinics are our way of honing our craft as trainers and ensuring the quality of our instruction at training events.  Look forward to seeing new faces.  ~Andy

Training Videos.
  • The Pocket Gymnast talks about how the burpee can act as a skill transfer exercise for other movements.  This is only part 1 but if you look below the video you will see he has a 6 part series on the applicability of the burpee to numerous other movements.  See, we don't just do 'em because they suck.
  • And some folks burpee for a mile just to say they did.  Any takers for Friday morning?


Ross said...


Was down in Sioux City for a meeting today (Thursday 8 Aug), so afterwards I visited CrossFit BEO and did a quick workout with them..

Jog 1/2 Mile
10 Tuck Jumps
10 Burpees
10 PVC Pipe Arm Pass Throughs
10High Knee Skips

15 Mins to find 1RM Max DL
PR'd @445lbs 1RM

500m Row
12 Body Weight DL
21 Box Jumps
Time RX'd @ 14:21 with 235lb DL for me.

Good group of athletes and coaches.

monroe said...

17:17 with Joe as my partner. Good turnout today!
Quick comment on nutrition: I've been on a paleo path for about a year now. Started a strict Zone diet and Starting Strength program 10 days ago. Since then I've lost 1" on my waist, gone from 18 to 13% body fat, and increased lean body mass by four pounds. Chronic aches are disappearing. Mobilization is getting better. Sliding sufaces are sliding, and joints are moving better. I've noticed better metcon performance, too. There is definitely merit in weighing and measuring your food intake.

Jake78 said...

"Cheated" a bit on the WOD today. We had a team of 3 instead of 2. The three J's time was 12:30.

Then we hit the Iron

Bench Press
Puts me at roughly 250 for bench max.

I'll be at PAIR day from 1100 to 1200 - see you all there!

Andy said...

Awesome turnout this AM -- summary of scores from the 0600 mass start:

Team MC 14:12
Wong 15:20
Joe/Mark 17:17
"Not Awesome" 12:34
Shogun 23:57
Susan/Dan 8:39
Charles/OJ aka "Army of Darkness" 8:39
(you guys tied? would have liked to see that photo finish)
Gen/Jill 22:39
Russ/Paul 11:20
Rob/Matt 11:43
Jimmy/Derrick 15:15
Kevin/Rob 12:08
Dustin/Drew 14:57
Tyler/Andy 15:20

Keep up the support for Fridays. We'll be back in the gym throwing around heavy stuff for the next Team WOD.

Andy said...

And, Susan roped Carlos and me into trading off handstand walks for 100m afterward. Susan is mean.

Coach's clinics next week -- Tue/Thurs at 0600. Friday post-WOD, additional prep as needed. Will post reminders to the site.

Ross said...


Solo today, thought about trying to tackle 400 m alone, and about the 100m mark I figured out that was just a crazy idea and decided to just do 200m, still a crazy idea..

Went slow, felt like I was taking too many and too long of breaks. had to keep correcting myself and not let myself take steps after landing the broad jump. Funny how shot the jumps got at the end compared to what they were when I started.

200m time 8:45

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Deadlift (1RM ~365lb)
10x10 @ 225lb

150x burpees @ 22:50


Raining today - first time in several weeks we've had just good rain. Burpees were slow; likely because I did 100x deadlifts prior. Good fun, still hate burpees.

Allan Jackman said...

My Excuse, Chapter 1.
Woke at 0300, then didn't sleep till alarm at 0500, decided to lay for a bit, when I actually fell asleep and didn't wake until the WOD had finished.

Susan Friend said...

Susan is not mean. Susan just wanted to see if Andy could handstand walk. He can.

Carlos was gaining proficiency in the handstand walk by the end of the 100 meters, too.

Next time we'll tackle a full lap.

scottnkelly9901 said...

Allan (all), saw this on Yahoo. I haven't tried it, so don't hate me if it doesn't work...

"If you wake unusually early, dampen a towel with cool water and lightly wipe your arms, legs, and torso, then go back to bed. The body is very warm when it comes out of REM sleep. Back in bed, the body heats up even more. The result is a deep, restful sleep and more dreams. Called kur, this technique is standard at European spas."

Jimmy said...

I could've sworn Derrick and I finished faster. Oh, well! It was still an awesome workout, though!