Aug 1, 2013

Friday 08.02.13

"Team Wendy"
As a two person team, 21-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Back Squat (95/65)
Push Press (95/65)
Abmat situps

Complete all reps for each movement before moving to the next movement.  Only one athlete works at a time, the other must be in a static hold: either in a plank during the BS and PP, or with the 95/65 bar in a high hang or front rack position during the PUs and SUs.  Reps may only be counted when that other athlete is in a good hold.

You get to subtract 60 secs from your total time if you made an effort to pair up with someone you did not know until this morning.

Post time to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, be ready to "Go" at these times)

Since we share our MWR facility with the rest of the Post community there will be a group of 20 folks that have a workout scheduled in the Bubble from 0630-0730.  Please be good hosts and allow them equipment and floor space to get their workout done.  They will need some Oly bars, plates, some rowers and some pullup bar space but should not be prohibitive to our scheduled WOD this morning.


Jimmy said...

What a smoker! Thank you, Jared, for the motivation to finish those last few sets!

Jake78 said...

Shoulders are smoked so I opted out of the METCON today.

Went for Strength!!! Instead.

Bench Press
Puts my approximate 1RM at 235, which is about ten pounds heavier than my old Training Max. Good rep PR.

Then I preceeded to do the "I ain't doing Jack Shit" specialty work.

Chalk Up.

Jared said...

Good 0630 crew this morning. We had five teams at 3-2-1 Go. We added a set of 18 across the board. All did 21 (total between two persons) for each of the four movements then 18 for each, etc. Jimmy @65# and I @ 95# completed everything in 13:12.
Nice end of the week push.

Dan R. said...

I worked out with Joe today. Met him about 2 minutes before the workout. He is new to IMCF and told me this was his firs WOD with IMCF. We did the workout Rx @ 20:25

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Solo Wendy @ 16:57 Rx'd minus the team thing.