Aug 11, 2013

Coaches' Clinics This Week

Who had better form?
Thanks to everyone that stuck around Friday to discuss On-Ramp preparations.

We will hold Coaches' Clinics at 0600 on Tuesday and Thursday this week at the Bubble. Our lead trainer, Mark, will run the sessions and they usually last about 45 min. The primary audiences are primary and assistant trainers preparing for the next On-ramp and others interested in becoming IMCF trainers. WODs will be programmed as usual, so it's on you to knock it out before or after the clinic.

Reminder, the focus of the clinics is teaching trainers, not teaching movements. Still, all are welcome to listen in and participate...anyone can benefit from some additional reps and instruction on the foundational movements.

Primary reference is the L1 Training Guide. Recommend printing out the section on "Teaching, Seeing, and Correcting The 9 Movements" (p 104-113) and reading through the explanations and progressions to prep.

Also...huge turnout at PAIR day yesterday, hope you got out to participate and score some free swag. Thanks to the volunteers that manned our station. It was a great event for IMCF and our friends at Results and Athletic Body & Mind. Expect to see some more new folks in and around the Bubble in the next few weeks.  Glad Jacob was able to get some much-needed pull-up tips.

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