Jul 21, 2013

Weekend Notes

Huge thanks to all that braved the torrential rain and made it out to the Fundamentals / On-Ramp course Saturday!  It was one of the larger classes in recent history, with over 50 in attendance.  Hope to see a good chunk of you at our morning sessions and posting results to the blog.  A quick review of some tips for getting started.
  • The Workout of the Day (WOD) posts at 1800 the day before execution.  If you have ANY questions that aren't answered by the Coach's Notes, post to comments or ask a trainer in the gym.
  • Our most established and regular groups are 0545 and 0630.  Recommend linking up about 20 mins early for warmup and to discuss the WOD.  
  • This week's programming is composed entirely of "Girls" (click here), named workouts that capture the essence of CF programming and serve as valuable benchmarks to gauge your development.  These workouts are easily scalable, and will be a great way for you to assess your fitness level as you start a new training program.  Hope to see you in the Bubble!

20 Jul  13 - On-Ramp Group Photo
A special thanks to the trainers that supported the event.  This stuff just isn't possible without your continued help.  Last, I am planning my revenge on Charles for making me do "Broken Promises".  Great WOD, click for a few pics of participants and results.  What a lovely B-day present for Allan!

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