Jul 30, 2013

Wednesday 07.31.13

Swim intervals, 1:00 rest after each effort:
1 x 200 yd
2 x 100 yd
4 x 50 yd

Finish with 25 yd swim sprints, EMOM until form/pace deteriorates.

Post total time for intervals and number of sprints performed.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, be ready to "Go" at these times)

The Harney pool is 25 yards long for your calculations so that first interval will be 8 lengths or 4 laps.

We have three lanes reserved in the Harney pool from 0500-0700.  Usually other lanes are open as well that time of morning.  Please be considerate of other IMCF athletes and others who may be in the pool this morning swimming their own workout.  Share lanes and give way to the right for a left to left pass as needed.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Bench Press (1RM ~205lb)
5x5 @ 165

Running Intervals (no pool)
Start each interval after recovery to 128bpm
Total time 31:24 @ 156bpm (plus 1:12 final recover)

Jared said...

Lonely in the pool this morning. 13:40 for the initial 600yd set then did another 12x50yd EMOM.

monroe said...

I did squats at lunch, back and front, working up to 85%. 5x5 on back squats, 3x5 for front. Going to swim at the neighborhood pool this evening.

I'm starting a MEBB strength cycle that will go for three weeks, followed by a masters weightlifting cycle. Both are Rutherford designs. Still doing METCONs for two or three days per week.

For everyone's SA, got word today that CGSC scholarships are on hold as lond as we are under sequestration.

Also, I talked to coach Rut about a trainer clinic, and he's open to it. The focus will be on seeing and correcting gross faults in foundational movements. Cost will likely be $40 per head or so. Anyone interested please say so here or by writing to me at markemonroe56@aol.com.

Jake78 said...

Failed to get to the pool, but I made up for it.

Today in Strength!!!
Over Head Squat
Which puts my max roughly 175 and is a new PR, my old 3RM was 145.

Did 3 rounds not for time of
Glute Ham Raises x5
Back Extensions x5

Then did max height box jumps, worked up to 40.5 inches, which is a new PR for me, old one was 39 inches. Then did 5 more jumps at that height.

Interesting crowd in the afternoon, significantly different flavor.