Jul 23, 2013

Wednesday 07.24.13

AM Results - click to view

21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull ups

Post time to comments and on the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0700)

The WOD everyone loves to hate (or heart.  Get it?  I heart Fran?  The Tshirt?  Come on people!)  Of all the benchmark WODs in the CF inventory, this one is by far the most reviled and the most feared, but also the one people most want to improve on every time they do it.  CrossFitters measure themselves and each other based on the simple question, "What's your Fran time?"  If after doing Fran you feel like a Mack truck ran over you then welcome to the club, everyone has that feeling.  But, if you persist with functional fitness then I guarantee your time will be better the next time you attempt this WOD.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

But, all we are concerned about for Wednesday are good, smooth mechanics and an all out effort.  Your warm up should get your heart rate up to near max for at least a short interval in preparation for the demand you are about to place on the CVRE system and the major muscle groups of your body.  See second link below for tips on what to mobilize the night before or in the morning.  Focus on shoulder and hip capsules.

The thruster is a front squat and push press blended into one seamless, wonderful total body movement.  Movement standard is a squat below parallel at the bottom and a fully locked out position overhead with the bar at the top.  Prescribed pullups can be kipping, butterfly, dead hang or one armed but must be full extension of the arm(s) at the bottom and chin above the bar at the top.  Pullups can be scaled with the bands or jumping from the floor or jumping off a box.  Have a coach show you the scaling options if unfamiliar with the pullup variations.  Thrusters should be scaled with a lower weight, strive not to do less than 45 reps and heaven forbid do not scale the range of motion.

Also, for those unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Fran, just Google "Fran CrossFit" and see what the internet produces for you. Caution, vomiting seems to be prevelant.

Training Videos.
  • Two of the original firebreathers, Annie and Greg demo sub-three minute Fran, this was probably filmed circa 2007, back when board shorts were still the CF standard for men.
  • From last year's Games Open, KStar and Mobility WOD offer mobility tips to prepare you for thrusters and pullups.


Jimmy said...

Oh, this is gonna hurt! Looking for a sub-five minute "Fran" time.

Let's go!!


I'll be in at 6 to stretch the legs...maybe three rounds of Cindy to warm up. See y'all at the bubble.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5x5 @ 115lbs

Fran @ 5:06
compared to 12.21.12 @ 5:58

Finding my lungs

Allan Jackman said...

6:18 Rx, hope I'll get back to the 5s before I leave FLVN.

Good group this morning.

Leah said...

5:35 (45 lbs/green band and jumping pull-ups). My goal next time is Rx.

NGM said...

Great effort in the group starts this morning, even saw one fellow undertake it solo. Nothin' worse than Fran by yourself.

5:50 Rxd for me. PR by a whopping 4 secs. This summer I have been less than stellar with my fitness. Vacation and TDY have given me some periods of inactivity and it showed this morning. Still, my first Fran time in 2010 was 12:00 so I continue to improve. Noah.

Ross said...


Fran, I hate the nervous build up to this WOD.

However,PR'd by 22 sec today. unbroken on thrusters, kipping pullups were not my best performance, came off the bar three times.
RX'd @ 4:20

That being said, Plenty of room for improvement on this WOD... Too big of break in transitions, and my kipping pullups have gone down hill in last few months, need to get back into them more. New goal is Sub 4min.

Sadr City King said...

Fran Rx 4:41. I cut a minute off my original times. finished with 3 x3 skin the cats and L sits (20 secs). Fran is hard, and if you finished under 10 min, good on you. Good to see the group today. Thanks for the motivation from all. Charles

Jared said...

6:20 Rx. Working toward sub 6. Went unbroken on the first round of 21 both thruster and pullup but paid for in in round 2. Always torn between breaking it up and staying below redline, or just going all out. Good group in there this morning.

Andy said...

4:40 Rx, huge PR for me from 6:07. Thanks to Charles for pushing me hard through the round of 15.

New athletes, make sure you document this stuff to set the bar for next time. Do it faster, get closer to Rx weight, or most important: improve your range of motion. Even if your time doesn't change...if you move better, you are making substantial progress.

Great job to all. Scott, I question your sanity warming up for Fran with heavy thrusters.


6:08 Rx. New PR by a minute. Good times!

Matt B. said...

7:18 @ 85#. Compare to 7:55 @ 85# in December '12. Working on flexibility, thruster technique, and maybe wearing oly shoes, helped keep the bar racked on the shoulders longer - which actually made thrusters tremendously (relatively) easier. Like yesterday's situps though, I've negelected the basics and my pullups slowed me down today.
Followed up with a rousing game of pickup soccer.

Dan R. said...

5:12 Rx'd. Last Fran was 5:48. Rope climbs afterward.

Russ Ames said...

10-11 min...way off 6:54 PR. We shall meet again soon Ms. Frannie.