Jul 29, 2013

Tuesday 07.30.13

For time:
Row 1000 meters
30 shoulder to overhead (135/95)

Post row time and overall time to complete to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0700)

So first we are going to place a metabolic demand on our system with the row and then go right into a weightlifting movement where mechanics are key.  Depending on your strength in the shoulder to overhead movement, you may use a strict press, a push press or a push jerk or combination of all three.  If 30 reps may come unbroken for you at the Rx'd weight then consider a plus up to challenge yourself.

Regardless of the type of press, remember to set a stable shoulder before you load up.  Shoulder should be back in the socket, tight midline, glutes on, feet screwed in to the ground, elbows in and knees out in the dip of the push press or jerk.

Training Videos.
  • Here is a good demo of the shoulder to overhead progressions to illustrate how each subsequent movement allows you to achieve more work once you have reached the point of failure at the previous.



I'm available to give a 5-10 minute row class prior to going ino the WOD at 0630.

Some quick notes :
1. Rowing is 70% legs, 20% back, 10% arms
2. The above muscle groups are used consecutively not concurrently (legs, back, arms on the pull, then collapse arms, back, legs in the recovery)
3. If the movement of your back was a clock, it would only move between 11 and 1.
4. Don't dip or raise your handle bar. The chain should keep a straight line thought the pull and the recovery.
5. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. When you get tired, slow down and keep your form. Bad form fast is actually slower.

I'll be around to show how to set up your ERG machine prior to to time.

See you at the bubble.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Round 1 (AM)
~9+ mile mountain bike ride

Pretty excited about being more consistent now than the past 14 years.

Allan Jackman said...

8:27 Rxd, Nice mix of sport and weights. Might liked 3 rounds of this.

Robert LaPreze said...

I have a brand new copy of "A Supple Leopard" for sale. $20 OBO.

Rob at 580-647-3358

NGM said...

3:38 on the row, 9:40 total with a 115# STO.

The Bubble felt like a soggy sponge today. Noah.

Ross said...


Started the day with some box jumps, worked up to 36 inches for 15.

Moved on to METCON
Rowed 1k in 3:48
Total time: 5:45
Had to split the S2OH - split into sets of 10, 10, 5,5

Finished off with 10 snatches @135, then 6x5 of OHS @135, finally worked Handstand balance 10x (till I fell over.)

Jake78 said...

Today in Strength!!!

Put's my Press max at 165 which is accurate.

4:19 on the rows, as Robert said bad form is slower, luckily I am not too concerned about olympic rowing technique so it doesn't bother me ;-)

Took me about 5 minutes on the S2Os at 135. I was really trying to keep my shoulders safe so I sacrifised speed for technique. Did 27 jerks, and 3 push presses. It was a smoker.


Jared said...

3:35 on the row then 9:36 Rxd. Did the STO is 8,7,6,5,4 rounds. Did not want to clean the bar more times than necessary. Having the rep scheme in mind really helped keep my going. Feeling it after yesterdays HSPU.


3:20 Row, 10:01 Rx overall. Should have had a STO rep scheme to mentally kill it. It was a smoker...

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Round 2 (PM)

~3:57 for row
9:30 total as Rx'd

slow is a good word to describe my rowing...but I am taking advantage of working in a building close to the post gym (which has the only rowers)

Dan R. said...

8:21 Rx. Sets of 4 for chest to overhead. Last 10 were multiple sets of 1-2.

Erik said...


Row 1K: 3:19

9:16 Rx overall

Russ Ames said...

Made up Monday WOD, POSTED THERE.


4:04 on row, and 13:20 total at 115#. Noah coached me, in order to save grip, ensure a solid elbows-forward rack with flexed fingers. I ended up doing 1-2 jerks at a time after 10 PP to start off. Killed time, but good WOD.