Jul 22, 2013

Tuesday 07.23.13

Early AM Scores

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

Double Unders (DU)

Afterwards, play around for 20 minutes with other skills you want to practice.

Post time to comments and to the whiteboard.
Compare your Annie time to 08.08.2012.
Substitution for DUs is 3:1 singles i.e. 150 singles, 120 singles, 90 singles etc.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0700, warmup prior to that time)

Grab your jump rope and get to the gym.  No seriously, grab your jump rope!  We usually have a healthy supply of jump ropes in the Bubble but the DU challenge back in June must have taken its toll on our community ropes as we have only 2-3 working ropes in there currently.  If you have more than one please bring them in to share. 

The DU is a skill that not everyone has at first.  That is okay, it comes with practice.  That is why we substitute 3 single jumps for every double under.  See first video below for a demo of the double under and also some good tips on DU development.

Annie goes quick and starts with 50 DUs (or 150 singles), 50 situps, 40 DUs (or 120 singles), 40 situps etc.  Recommend using an AbMat for your situps, place the fatter end of the mat in the small of your back.  You can either anchor your feet with weight in the standard situp position or open up the legs to disengage the hip flexors and make it an abdominal only movement.

Training Videos.
  • Here is a DU Demo courtesy of Practice CrossFit.
  • And an abmat situp demo showing the legs opened up to remove the hip flexors from the situp.



I'll be in at 0600 for warm up and kipping pull-ups before the WOD. Then muscle up practice afterwards. See y'all at the bubble!

Ross said...


Annie- RX @ 7:33
went unbroken went on the DUs.

Sit ups UPS slow.

Worked bar MUs afterwards, still cannot get them, mechanics not kipping enough and trying to muscle too much vs using a gymnastics move. Worked a few sets using green band and seem to be getting there.

Noah said...

6:41 for Annie with Andy breathing down my neck the whole way. Good motivation to have a friend pushing you. Beat my last time by 33 secs because of it.

Worked handstands afterwards.

Erik said...


7:52, open leg sit-ups

Jimmy said...

7:47, the third time ever that I completed "Annie."

Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" comes to mind in the first 50-40 sets...

Sadr City King said...

started out with Isabel Rx @ 3:10 then followed up with Annie @ 6:32. I was able to link 3 DU together with 3 singles. followed up with 5 x 3 OH squats @ 115. Great work Annie looks easy but its a grinder. looking foward to Crossfit for Hope on Saturday. Charles

Jake78 said...


Not my best time ever but a good enough. Had a "wardrobe malfunction" with my rope on the 30 set where it fell apart, had to stop find the pieces, re-screw it together and start again. I was all screwy after that, was having trouble stringing DUs. Excuses, excuses...


Charles great times on those two benchmarks!

Jacob Heppner said...

Charles....3.10 Isabel???!! Are you kidding?! Thats really really fast.

Allan Jackman said...

6:46, 49 secs faster than 1 June 2013! Dreading tomorrow's WOD.

Leah said...

8:51 - singles. Another goal to add to my list for this year - master the DU!!

Andy said...

6:45 on Annie, huge PR for me (last was 10+). Thanks to Noah, having someone to chase is solid motivation also. The focus on DU last month definitely paid off. Some great scores on the board today.

HS walk to 30' after, had been a while.

Jared said...

9:10 with a mix of doubles and 3:1 singles. Still a major goat but under 10 min is an improvement.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Lead-in: (AM)
~9 mile mountain bike ride over Hohenfels terrain

Then: (PM)
Annie @ 7:20
compared to 08.08.12 @ 8:46

Roger M. said...

8:50 RX. 36 seconds slower than PR. :o(

Worked squat snatch afterwards. Thanks to Susan for the coaching tips!

Matt B. said...

9:29 on Annie. DU no problem. Slow and steady on situps. Afterwards, some handstand walk practice and finished with a set of 48 unbroken DU ... may be a PR.

Jess said...

11:03 with singles...still working on those DUs

Jon Ramirez said...

Well not the best time, but it was a 104 at the out door gym...