Jul 15, 2013

Tuesday 07.16.13

5 rounds for time:
5 Squat cleans (135/95)
10 Pistols (Alternating)

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)
A dastardly little W/G (weightlifting/gymnastics) couplet for you today that will test your ankle mobility, leg and core strength, and really spotlight the bottom position of your squat.  Spend some time getting loose with some easy runs and strides or rows (you probably got enough of those yesterday) and spend time hanging out and moving around a bit at the bottom of your squat before Go.

Scaling guidance.  Treat today's WOD as "For time" only if you are rock solid on form in both exercises.  Otherwise, ease up on load and pace and fight for good reps, every rep.
  • Squat Cleans -- first step, go lighter on load. If you struggle with a low receiving position, catch crisply in the lowest position possible, meeting the bar, and then complete a front squat. If your front squat is still a work in progress, power cleans only...but spend time working the rack and FS afterward.
  • Pistols -- lots of ways to self-assist.  Use the rig uprights or box for balance, or use a ring/heavy band for additional support. You can also perform them on the edge of a box to work full ROM without being constrained by flexibility. New athletes, consider sets of 20 alternating step-ups instead...discuss with a coach.

Training Videos.
  • "Squat Clean Demo" - quick down and dirty (~1:00) from Northstate Crossfit.
  • "Mic'd Instructor: Squat Clean" - Jon Gilson gives the clean the Again Faster treatment.  Methodical, detailed instruction and tips (11:00).
  • "How to Clean: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3" - OK, I am going overboard but this is a great series from Glenn Pendlay.  Guy knows his stuff a little bit.


Allan Jackman said...

Why'd we do 30 Squat cleans for time after today's written WOD????

Ken Gleiman said...

Good workout this morning with the 5:45 group. (except for Alan's snafu with the clock) ;)
score 7:00 min.

Unfortunately, I think I injured my right hip / lower back. It felt a little sore before, but now it is definitely tweaked. Any ideas for workouts for the next week or so that I can do that won't work hips and lower back? Much crossfit relies on the strength of your hips so...?

Allan Jackman said...

8:47... I did sqt clns yesterday because it's my goat.

Jacob Heppner said...

I'll have flyers up by today or tomorrow but I'm just getting the word out to keep Saturday, July 27th open. We will be holding a Crossfit For Hope event in the bubble from 0900-1100, with heats starting every 30 minutes. If you know you'll be attending email me at jacob.m.heppner.civ@mail.mil . Hope to see all you guys there!

Ross said...


Squat cleans went well today, had to scale the pistols by balancing with squat rack, probably helped too much with my arms on the balancing..
Time- 6:38

Jake78 said...

9:12 was very deliberate, and had a lot of tape and equipment breaks in there.

Started skinning up my fingers on the transition from the rack to the start on the squat cleans, so I stopped and taped them up.

Figured out that my pistols are terrible about 2 into the first round (not surprised) so I had to search for another box to help balance.

Nice hard and fast.

Jared said...

Good WOD. 7:51 as RXd. Did all cleans unbroken but started to feel the pistols.

Andy said...

8:20 Rx. Quad burner... Stopped at 6:12 thinking I was done, but wasn't sure so did another round. Seriously, how hard is it to count to 5? Should have grabbed a whiteboard. Slow and steady pistols with good ROM, balance a little off.

Easy press after, 5x5 at 115.

Andy said...

Thanks Jake, will start pushing more CF Cures info on the main blog.

Tough break, Ken. Hard one to work around, hope it is not too severe. Would give it time to heal if you can stand a rest/de–load week. Maybe get creative with some upper body push/pull/overhead movements, some swimming on the side? Good luck.

Susan Friend said...

4:58Rx on the WOD. This one was fast and fun.

I can't count to five, either, Andy! I have to use a whiteboard for anything beyond 3 rounds.

A little hint on the pistols--if you're really close, but you just can't stand up after you get the depth, place a 5 lb plate under your heel. The small amount of elevation in your heel will give you the boost you need to complete the pistol.