Jul 3, 2013

Thursday July 4th, 2013

100 Bottle Rocket Burpees

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Gym is on holiday hours, 0800-1800.  If you are planning to head in for the WOD, post to comments to coord any group starts.

What better way to celebrate our independence than by doing burpees.  It's what the founding fathers would have wanted!  And, the burpees require no equipment, no gym and no chalk.  You don't even have to put real clothes on.

So, a bottle rocket burpee is a burpee that turns 180 degrees with every jump.  It is optional whether you shout 'bang', 'pop' or some other firework imitation at the top of each burpee.


Andy said...

7:03 in the backyard, only sound effects were a whole bunch of wheezing and huffing noises.

Happy 4th!

monroe said...

Andy, you're my hero. Good time! I did my 50 squats, pushups, pull ups and situps and gave the burpees a pass. I did mow mine and my neighbors lawn. By that time I was ready for a beer. I'll go into the weekend with the best intent of completing the BRB's with a bang!