Jul 17, 2013

Thursday 07.18.13

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

rest as needed, then...

10 minutes to establish a Max Height Box Jump.

Post loads and best box jump effort to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)
Strength day!  Get a good general warmup in, focusing on mobilizing the hips and ankles. Then partner up and knock out some warmup sets as you build up to your working sets. Have a coach provide some feedback on your setup and execution: midline stability, proper depth, knees over toes, and driving through heels.  Your choice of technique, low bar or high bar -- know the difference, and their purpose.

Quick review of approaches to such a WOD. You can work straight sets across, or build up to a 3 rep max. By the book (or more accurately, Prilepin's Chart), if you are doing straight sets across you should be working around 80-90% of your 1 rep max (1RM).  If you are working toward a 3RM, start counting sets when it starts to feel like work and add weight to arrive at your current 3RM around set 4. Gauge your final effort based on how that works out.

Shake it out and then take turns jumping on big things. Use the soft plyo boxes, or stack plates on a wooden box (no light plates on top...they'll skid off). Two keys to sticking a high box jump...you can jump higher (duh), or you can bring your legs up higher relative to your hips to land in a deep crouch.  Kind of like a clean...you can pull the bar higher, or you can go lower to get under the bar.  Do them both and you're golden.

Training Videos.
  • "Mic'd Instructor: Back Squat" - Again Faster vid reviews fundamentals with in-depth explanations of both major squat variations (HBBS and LBBS).
  • "Max Height Box Jump Day" - fun vid from CF St. Kilda showing hits and misses. Really highlights the mental aspect of it...you eventually reach a point where your body just seizes up and balks. Find that point and work through it.


Allan Jackman said...

My hands are happy. ... Yes, I have soft hands.

chris.m.rowe said...

IMCF Wiesbaden,


I must definitely work on my squats more. My hip flexibility is just not there.

Andy said...

Weak sauce -- couldn't answer the bell this AM, needed the rest. Quads are beat down, may try to sub some DLs in same format this afternoon.

Ross said...


BS - Warmed up then 5x3@315

BJ, - only 38" this morning, this is what happens after 7 weeks of bad sleeping schedules and terrible diet, you gain like 8 lbs and become weak...

Jared said...

Empty in there this morning, until a platoon of soldiers walked in.
Did all sets at 225. Not near my max but just could not get under anything more. Then jumped to high waist level.

Have daily mandatory unit PT so my schedule will be in flux for a while.

Andy said...

Rallied late, got my squats in after lunch. Warmup and 3 x 275-285-285-295-275. PR for total weight, matched 3RM. There goes the tired legs excuse. 45" on box jump.

monroe said...

Started with a 35' handstand walk, DU practice, and pistols.
Squats: 205 across.
Followed with 100 36lb KB clean & press. Been doing those every other day for a week. Really helping rehab my shoulder, and making hand stands effortless!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Delayed posting...

Back squat (1RM ~300lb)
5x3 @ 245/250/255/260/265

~36-40" on vertical challenge
stacked two large forklift tires to get higher than our 30" box