Jul 10, 2013

Thursday 07.11.13

Perform 8 rounds, every minute on the minute:
3 Deadlifts (60-70% of 1RM)
40 yd sprint

Follow with 10 minutes minimum of gymnastics skill work.

Post loads and skill work to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)
WOD.  Grab some partners, a bar, and plates and head outside to a grassy area.  Every minute, execute 3 crisp, unbroken DLs, drop the bar, turn and immediately perform a sprint.  All out, max effort on the sprint with a focus on explosive acceleration.  Wear cleats if you have 'em.  Easy jog back to the start, and reset for the next round.
  • If you miss an EMOM, rest an extra minute and continue. If you miss two, increase the rest period to 2 minutes. Either way, finish out your 8 rounds.
  • DLs should be light, you'll have very little recovery time.  Not trying to build your capacity to move heavy weight here. Pour your intensity into the sprints.
  • Partner up. Given the scheme, you should be able to get 2 or 3 athletes of similar ability in the same lane on the same bar.
  • Recommended locations are on the back side of the Bubble (start at the N end, sprint the length of the Bubble) or the gentle hill next to Harney (sprint 4 x brick walls...you'll see what I mean).
Skill Work.  For the gymnastics work, pick something you avoid or suck at.  A G-goat.  Some potential options are HS holds, L-sits, pistols, toes to bar.  Practice your kip variations.  Or get on the rings and practice muscle up transitions, skin the cats, and levers.  Lots of ideas in the movements/progressions sections of the GWOD library.

Training Videos.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5km aerobic run
27:22 @ 144bpm (38 sec recovery)

DL 1RM ~365lb
WOD @ 225lb

Pistols (TRX 3x10)
Pistols (unassisted 5x right/ 3x left)
*need to work ankle mobility especially the left

Jacob Heppner said...

Smolov SQT Cycle:
Back Squat: 6x6 @ 225# with 1 min rest.

Andy said...

WOD at 245. On the heavy side (1RM ~375), but it was a good weight for 8 rds.

Some easy pistol and HS work afterwards, spent time working with new guys.

Allan Jackman said...

At 255lbs, leg muscle got tight in later rounds.

Worked on pistols for 10 mins. Right side is considerably stronger than left.

Noah said...

Pulled 225 for the DLs.

Worked some short sets of HSPUs with band assist and muscleups afterwards.

Good to get back in after a week of leave.

monroe said...

With Noah, 225 for DL's for me, too. 1RM is 345, probably should have bumped up the wt, good WOD nonetheless.
Pistols, pull ups for Gymnastic work, then jerks: 140lb x2x4

Erik said...


225#, 10 rds

DUs, and TGUs after

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, last day at JBLM, fly day tomorrow..

Adjusted the WOD a bit just cause the gym here not conducive to sprints with all the people.. I subbed 100 m row for the 40 yd sprint, DLs at 275. Then worked pistols on smith machine for balance and some HS holds.