Jul 26, 2013

Saturday 07.27.13

Kate Foster (right), has become the worldwide face of this year's CrossFit for Hope event. Jared Sloan (left) of IMCF visited CF Rockford, Illinois over the 4th of July and did a WOD with them. Kate completed the Hope WOD earlier this month with only one leg, so what's keeping you from coming out on Saturday?

CrossFit Hope for Cures

3 RFT of each of the following movements for one minute:
Power Snatch (75#)
Box Jump (24")
Thruster (75#)
Chest to bar pullups
Rest one minute

Do each movement for 1 minute, then immediately rotate to the next movement.  Rest for one minute at the end of each round for a total of 17 minutes of work.

Post total number of reps to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes.
We will be running waves on Saturday morning at 0900, 0930, 1000 and 1030.  Please contact Jacob Heppner to let him know you are coming out and what wave you prefer to start in.

We will brief each wave on the movement standards prior 3,2,1 Go.  Athletes will also have time to set up their equipment for any adjustments to weight or height and find a person to keep their score during the 17 minutes. 

Athletes can scale weights or height as needed or complete the WOD as RX'd.


Jess said...

Great turn out this morning! Scaled on the bar to chest pullups got a final score of 174. There were some great scores recorded this morning all for a good cause!

Susan Friend said...

Nice job on Hope for Cures this morning, Jacob! The fundraiser was well organized and FUN. I also appreciated Elizabeth Brown running a special heat for the children. My whole family had a great time.

Noah said...

I couldn't stick around for the last wave due to a commitment but 252 (from Dan )was standing strong as the top score. But the last wave also had a few meat-eaters in it. If anyone got a photo of the whiteboard at the end of the day let me know and I'll post it. nheemarq@gmail.com Noah.