Jul 28, 2013

Monday 07.29.13

First, one max set of dead hang pullups.  Rest, then...

21-15-9 reps of:
Hand stand pushups
Box Jumps (24/20)

Afterwards, spend 20 mins on a gymnastics skill.

Post pullups and METCON time to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545 and 0630)

Gymnastics today across the board.  For the pullups, use the dead hang technique with no assistance from a kip, a band or a butterfly.  Straight up, straight down with no opening or closing of the shoulders means the shoulder and back musculature are doing all the work, which is a good thing!

Rx'd for the HSPUs will be unassisted with either a kip or strict in the near vertical and the box jumps RX'd will be a jump up (no step up) and hips fully open while on top of the box.  Scaling for the box jump can be step ups or a jump to a lower height.  Scaling for the HSPUs includes a couple options: less than pure vertical on the wall such as a 45-75 degree incline, piked off a box or double-band assist.  Scale up for the HSPUs could be deficit HSPUs using parallettes or plates on the floor.  Below are two examples of scaling the HSPUs.  Scale the HSPUs to ensure full range of motion, full extension at the top and down to the point that your head touches the floor or passes below your hands in the case of deficit HSPUs.

                 Piked off a box.                                                           Using two bands off a pullup bar.

Training Videos.

Can't do gymnastics without checking in on some tips from the Pocket Gymnast.
  • Some basic HSPU mechanics are covered here.  Regardless of what technique you use, keep your midline tight like the tiger.
  • And how often do we Pull Up with our feet together, legs straight with good spinal alignment from top to bottom?



I'll be in at 0600 to stretch. Gonna work the shoukders out good. 0620 for max dead hang. 0630 Wod. Then work muscle ups.

See y'all at the bubble.

Jimmy said...

Darn! I'll be missing the 0630 group due to class requirements.

I'll be there after 0800-ish to tackle this one!!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Today begins a new era in attempting functional fitness in Hohenfels. I officially left the battalion and am now in a new job at JMRC. My schedule will likely be more erratic than the last two years.

Deadlift (1RM ~365lb)
3-3-3-3-3 @ 305lbs

5:53 for METCON
scaled HSPUs with blue-green band combo


Grrr!!! Just realize that I failed to do the pull-up event. Will make it up and post to today's post.

Jake78 said...

Started off with some Strength!!!!

Today is the first day of my trial of the 5/3/1 method, which is outlined in the Strength tab on the main page.

Back Squat
205x5; 235x5; 270x10
Doing the Rep formula that makes my max roughly 360 for back squat (I don't quite believe that but I'm sure it's close to it).

Then did the WOD
Used about 4 inches of scaling for the handstands, and on the last set I reached muscle failure and had to scale further to highly elevated push-ups.

5:45 was my time.

Then did 10 dead hangs and 3x5 of back extensions to glute ham raises.


Ross said...


Started off with a nice cool morning 3.1 mile jog with the hound.

Then 16 on the strict pull-ups.

Time of 6:18 - scaled the HSPU piking off the wall.

That being said was super excited today because I was actually able to get a few full ROM HSPU. I did three in warm-ups (one strict and 2 kipping) and then during the METCON, did 5 kipping the first set , and 1 for each of the next two rounds, after I reached failure on the real HSPUs, I turned over and did scaled pike HSPU off the wall.

Skill work-
Worked on Bar MUs, did a few sets of 10 with the green band for assistance, then a couple sets with the purple (same as the IMCF Blue I think, one thinner than green), did a few attempts with no assistance, getting high enough on the bar, just have to work on shooting the head forward on top.

finished with two sets of 10 each leg supported pistols.

Hope your event this weekend went well..

watching the Games online proved to be exciting as ever....

Jacob Heppner said...

2.25 on the workout.

Mike Minchew: 4:53

Thanks to everyone for the support provided this weekend for Crossfit For Hope!

Brandi said...

From C-Springs...

Good wod. Was going to take a rest day, but couldn't resist this one.
4:30 Rx

Worked on double unders. The ladies on the Games make it look so easy:)

monroe said...

16 Dead-hang pull ups, pretty happy with that.
7:39 for the WOD. I really need to practice HSPU. SHoulder is still the limfac.
FOllowed with 20 snatches, 3x95. 3x105, 13 x 115. Just working on speed through the middle, volume & form.
Followed with some front squats, L-sits, and MU practice.
Welcome back to Dave Maxwell and family, here for SAMS. Dave started Iron Major way back in '09.

Jared said...

10 pull ups then 5:10 for the wod.

Dan R. said...

17 pull ups. 7:43 Rx for workout. Worked muscle up progressions and pistols afterward.

Russ Ames said...

14 pullups, 7: 03 wod with wall- walker scaled hspu.