Jul 21, 2013

Monday 07.22.13

First off, welcome to all of our On Ramp participants who took the time to come out on Saturday morning.  This week's programming will get after all the concepts and themes you heard on the whiteboard this weekend in addition to using many of the fundamentals of the 9 foundational movements you practiced.  Please do not find these WODs to be daunting, we believe anyone can and should do these movements.  The experienced coaches in the Bubble are there to help you determine what is appropriate for you based on your skill level and your comfort level.  The WODs will challenge you, but if you persist and stay with it you will see improvements and hopefully be inspired to pursue functional fitness.

And we invite anyone and everyone to join our online blog, just click the Comments link below.  Ask questions, post concerns, arrange or request someone to meet you for a workout time, post results, encourage one another.  It is just another way the IMCF community interacts.  And the blog can also serve as a record of your workouts.  You can easily go back and research previous times, recall your last personal record (PR) or see how many rounds you did in a WOD six months ago.  So with that...for Monday we have a choice between two great WODs...
AM results (click to view)

150 wall balls for time (20/14)


30 snatches for time (135/95)

Post time to comments and post to the whiteboard in the Bubble as well.

Compare Karen to 01.09.2013 or to your Open 13.3 time.
Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545 and 0630, for additional times please hit the blog)

Okay, let's start with Karen.  We last saw her back in March during the CrossFit Open although she had some double unders and muscle ups with her.  This is just plain ol' Karen.  Prescribed weight for men is a 20# medicine ball thrown to a 10 foot spot, the prescribed weight for women is a 14# medicine ball thrown to an 8 foot spot.  Both heights are painted on our south wall in the Bubble.  However, scaling is always available and in this WOD we have three options...scale the weight, scale the height or scale the number of reps.  Absolutely one aspect we do not want to scale is the range of motion.  No matter what you choose, ensure you use full range of motion no matter how many reps you accomplish.

So what is this wall ball?  You start with a medicine ball in a front rack position (i.e. held in front of the chest), perform a front squat to a depth below parallel and then throw the ball up to the desired height and then catch the ball back in a front rack and repeat.  Do that 150 times and you have met Karen.  See the video link below for a demo on wall balls.

One note on strategy for Karen...if your gameplan out of the gate is to just wall ball a max unbroken set until you red line and succumb to muscle failure; resting and then repeating another max unbroken set you may find yourself absolutely smoked before you even get to 75 reps.  Consider sets of some number that does not push you to exhaustion.  Example...do 1-20 unbroken, rest for 15 secs, do 21-40 unbroken, rest for 30 secs and continue that scheme until you can't make that target number of unbroken reps.  Then set a goal for sets of 15, then sets of 10 etc.   Leave some gas in the tank when you complete those early sets and take a breather, you'll need that gas later!

As for Isabel, the prescribed weights are 135# for men and 95# for women.  The snatch is one of the two Olympic lifts (the clean & jerk being the other) and it demands good mechanics and explosive power especially at these weights.  If the snatch is not a movement you have experience with then consider Karen as your goal for today.  It is a great lift and incredibly effective at developing speed, power and strength but can be too complex for inexperienced lifters.  See the second video below for a snatch demo.

Lastly, both of these WODs today require a lot of 'work'.  Take some time to warm up, mobilize, cool down, and maybe roll around on a foam roller.  Follow the workout with a lot of water and the proper foods and it will aid your recovery.  It is only Monday and there is a lot more work coming in the WODs later this week.  You don't want to be miserable by the time Tuesday morning comes around.

Training Videos.
•Here is a Wall Ball demo courtesy of CrossFitOneWorld.
•Here is a Snatch demo courtesy of CrossFit Connect.


pacagg said...

Thanks to the instructors for the class. Great instruction, appreciate you all weathering the elements with us. See you tomorrow.


I'm in for both at 0630... See y'all there!

Jimmy said...

Awesome instruction during the on-ramp class!

It's a tough call between the two WODs, but I think I'll go with "Karen" for this one.

See everyone at 0630!!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Good to see some new names and energy on the blog. Will be there for the 0630 start...try to show 15-20 early so you can get a good warmup in and review movement standards. See you in the AM -- Andy

NGM said...

I have mandatory unit PT at 0630 but will be in the bubble after 0700 hopefully. Will look to start some time after that if anyone is interested. Noah.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Karen @ 9:10 (18lb ball)

Compared to 01.09.13
Karen @ 10:54

Allan Jackman said...

Wow, nice showing this morning! About 15-20 new faces.

Someone decided to do a "Kisabel" this morning:
3RFT of 50WBs & 10 Snatches (95lbs) = 16:28.

Jacob Heppner said...

Susan, Allan, and I:
Forgot my time...probably on purpose. Good to see so many people this morning.

Susan Friend said...

It was great to see so many new faces in the Bubble today.

The Isabel/Karen combo was a fun way to start the day. I would recommend it if you want to get in a little extra burn. Challenge yourself to beat Jacob's 12 minute time!

Ross said...


Time- 6:56

made the mistake of not looking at my open time for this, when I hit the 100 mark felt /thought I was way behind time, needed someone to push me today, open I did this in 6:32 so :24 sec off time..

Hope to try Isabel later today.. Like the combo idea will have to keep that one in the back pocket for a slow day.

Noah said...

Only Isabel today and scaled to 95#...3:53. Had some unit PT this morning and a jog to and fro the bubble so opted for the snatches.

Great turnout on the whiteboard this morning. Keep it up!

Jacob Heppner said...

This Saturday, 27th, from 0900-1100 in the Bubble we will be hosting Crossfit For Hope to benefit St. Jude Childrens Hospital. For more information visit: http://hope.crossfit.com/cures
Email me at jacob.m.heppner.civ@mail.mil for what heat you'd like to be in!

Jake78 said...

It was very good to see so many new faces in the bubble!!!

I will likely do Isabel tomorrow unless something "awesomer" pops up.

Today I had a discussion with mean ol' mister gravity.

Back Squat
Bench Press
Power Clean

It was a good discussion! No issues at all with the weights, and I managed to keep my grib throughout the Power Cleans. If I wasn't so tired I would have done the cabbage patch.

Sorry I missed out on the On-Ramp, but my rascally kids and I had a date.


Leah said...

It was great to get back to CF today. Thanks for the warm welcome by all at the 0630 class. Look forward to lots of great workouts over the next year! "Karen" 11:38 (10#)

Jared said...

In for Isabel this morning scaled to 95#. 4:25. Still working out the unit PT and bubble times but hope to get back to a regular schedule soon.

Erik said...


Isabel, 135#: 7:28

Andy said...

Isabel - 6:22 Rx.

First time at 135. Couldn't touch and go, reset every rep. Missed about 2 lifts, slow and steady otherwise. Probably should have scaled to 115, but it's in the books.

Great showing this morning, and good to see the buzz in the comments section. Good efforts across the board.

WRITE THIS STUFF DOWN! Use the comments section, keep a paper log, find an app, or use a spreadsheet. When you see "Karen" again in 2 months, you need to be able to see what you did last time (scaling and results). That is your new goal to beat. Everything we do is measurable, and recording results is how you track progress.

Allan Jackman said...

Speaking of recording your results, I recommend using withfit.com for digital recordings.

Matt B. said...

Back from two weeks of vacation to see a whiteboard not so white. Wow.

Isabel (115#) - 5:51

New blisters on my now soft, uncallused hands.

Russ Ames said...

Karen as Rx...11;24 . Painful, but fulfilling.

Matt B. said...

Allan, thanks for the tip. Looks pretty good for a free site. I just signed up. Been trying a few different methods to track workouts, but nothing has stuck so far.