Jul 14, 2013

Monday 07.15.13

4 rounds for time of: 
500m Row
50 Double unders

Rest exactly 3 mins between rounds.

Post total time and time per round.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)
Rower damper and drag factor settings are constant sources of confusion and debate for both new and experienced athletes.  Bottom line is you need to find the settings that maximize output for your technique, but there are guidelines to help get you there.  Two quick resources here...ask a trainer if you have questions.
The row repeats are the training focus here, the DUs are in there to add a little technical spice and improve your ability to perform them while fatigued.  With that in mind, if 50 DU is out of reach, a few scaling options below:
  • Pick a tough but achievable goal and try to hit it every round...maybe 2 x your personal best on unbroken double unders.
  • Perform 1:00 of max DU, and track the number completed per round.
  • Sub 100 singles (2:1 instead of the normal 3:1).  

Training Videos.
  • Just for kicks, here's a vid of 17 y/o Ryan O'Rourke rowing 500m in 1:18.1, setting an American record for his age group.  He didn't do any double-unders after, though...what a slacker.
  • And, IMCF alumnus Dave Hudson was on mainsite yesterday if you missed it.  700 burpees???  Beast mode for a good cause.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Deadlinft (1RM ~365lb)
5x5 @ 275lb

WOD @ 22:27
Rd1 - 2:47
Rd2 - 3:40
Rd3 - 3:28
Rd4 - 3:31
*Had to go to GloboGym for C2 Rower but fairly consistent ~1:47/500m; DUs surprisingly became LIMFAC for each round

3x10 each of -
TRX Detoid Y Pull
TRX Deltoid T Pull
TRX Swimmers Pull

Andy said...

21:43 Rx, rounds OF 2:55 / 3:06 / 3:17 / 3:25.

Hate row repeats. Hate 'em. Started at 1:37, tailed of to 1:51. Had to stop and breathe in the middle of Rd 3. Probably would have benefited from a more measured pace all 4 rds. DU choppy, but times stayed consistent. Great job by Allan and Ken this AM.

Snatch practice after to 155, which I didn't realize was my documented 1RM. Should have kept going...

Ross said...


Back in SD finally after almost o seven weeks of leave and TDY.

Run the pooch this morning for an easy 2.8 miles at a slow 8 min pace.

WOD used my lap counter to keep all the times, one rest cycle went to 3:02 because i missed the lap button but all the rest were right on 3 min, wrote down all the lap times forgot to look at total time before i closed the program so I through it in excel to get my total time.
RD 1 2:54
Rest 3:00
RD 2 2:39
Rest 3:00
RD 3 2:47
Rest 3:02
RD 4 2:58

Total Time (with rest breaks of if my excel formula added the work and rest cycles right) = 20:20

Did well on Double unders, first round I tripped at 21 but finished it out. Made next two rounds unbroken and then final round tripped up at 32 I think it was before finishing it out.

Jake78 said...

My last day of official vacation. Ratz, I love vacation...

Today in Strength!!!!
Going to roll the Starting Strength model until I'm back up to 300+ for sets across in the squat. (I didn't do "squat" over leave) Should take about 2 1/2 weeks, then I think I'll just roll the 5/3/1 model. Which will allow more time to do the METCON's.

Back Squat
270 3 sets of 5

Jake Atkins

Ross said...

Don't you hate when you re-read your post and realize the terrible job you did at typing it up...