Jul 24, 2013

IMCF "Hope for Cures" - Saturday, 27 July

Kate Foster (right), has become the worldwide face of this year's CrossFit for Hope event.  Jared Sloan (left) of IMCF visited CF Rockford, Illinois over the 4th of July and did a WOD with them.  Kate completed the Hope WOD earlier this month with only one leg, so what's keeping you from coming out on Saturday?

This Saturday (27 July), Iron Major CrossFit will host a CrossFit For Hope event in the Harney Bubble gym from 0900-1100. All the donations and money we raise for this event will go straight to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to support the work they do in curing childhood cancer. Joining in on the “Hope” workout is completely free though, and all are encouraged to come and join in -- family members included! We will be running through heats every thirty minutes, so don’t feel like you have to be there for the whole duration of the event, 0900-1100. As usual, this workout is completely scalable.

Ultimately, our goals are to come together and tighten the fibers of the IMCF community, raise some awareness for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and get in a good workout in recognition of a worthy cause. Any funds raised for St. Jude are just extra sweet icing on the cake. Post to comments if you have any questions!

How Can I Support the Effort? 

  1. Do the WOD.  Come out and share in the experience with us.
  2. Spread the word!  Talk it up -- bring your friends and family along.
  3. Make a personal donation.  Cash donations can be made on site, or sponsor an athlete through the official IMCF fundraising portal HERE.
  4. Raise additional funds through outside donations.  Use the same site to create your own donation portal under IMCF and publicize the event through your social media sites.  Raising $321 will earn you a sweet shirt.
Bottom line -- 100% of your donation goes toward the fight against catastrophic children's illnesses.

More Infomation...

  • What makes this event so meaningful for IMCF? Learn about the life changing impact St. Jude has made on the Heppner family.
  • Click to read more about the Crossfit For Hope and Hope for Cures campaigns.
  • For information on St. Jude's role in combating childhood illnesses, visit their website.

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