Jul 18, 2013

Friday 07.19.13

“Release the Beast”

In teams of 3, perform AMRAP in 20:00:
~150m Hill sprint
30 Hand release push-ups

Post number of rounds (# sprints / any additional HRPU) completed.

Coach's Notes. 
Friday is Team WOD Day!  Posting early so you can plan ahead -- standard Team WOD start time of 0600.  Looking for a mass start, make it if you can and bring a friend!  Linkup at 0540 at the bottom of the Riverside Rd hill (the one near the post chapel, on the way down to the airfield).  There is parking all over the place at the top and bottom of the hill, and in the middle by the power station.  WOD brief and form teams at 0550, and "3,2,1...Go!" at 0600.

WOD Format.  On “Go”, one athlete performs a hill sprint to the designated finish point and returns to the bottom of the hill. In the meantime, the other two athletes begin performing HRPU, but only one can do work at a time.  The team must complete a total of 30 HRPU before the next runner can begin their sprint. If the runner returns before the HRPU are finished, he/she can chip in to help "release the next beast".

Quick visual of the area.  The push-up area and start point is in the flat grass by the monument, the planned sprint finish point is at the 3rd telephone pole on the left, about halfway up the hill.

If performing solo, recommend finding the steepest hill you can find and charting a course that will take about 1:00 out and back.  Perform as a 15 min AMRAP with 15 HRPU between hill sprints.

Training Videos.
  • "Movement Demo: HRPU" - Reebok CF One shows proper form.  Note -- this is not a Crossfit Pushup or Crossfit Standard Pushup.  It is a specific movement to work ROM, slow down cycle time, and activate some different muscles in your core and upper back/rear delts.
  • "Release the Beast" - triumphant return of the Retro Jukebox!  Heading back to 1980 with the band Breakwater.  This is the funkiest, most badass jam you have never heard before.  I nominate this as Charles' official theme music before he transitions to "Beast Mode" on any WOD.  Hope to see you at the On-ramp tomorrow, or the 1300 WOD immediately after.


monroe said...

Really good and timely programming article on the Games site titled "Are you on a Strength Program?" Check it out at http://www.crossfit204.com/?p=3747

Sadr City King said...

19 rounds with MAC. This one was a monster all mental and you and your partner really had to ensure a good pace was maintained. Thanks for the ode Andy.....Beast mode is a frame of mind and I try to keep the beast in check. Charles

Sadr City King said...

Glad athletes are integrating Strength training into their workouts. I owe my knowledge of strength Training to Scott during the winter. It really opened up my eyes to the additional push needed to compete at a higher level.

Andy said...

Great article that validates our approach to programming, Mark. Just saw another one from Jon Gilson that complements it pretty nicely: https://www.facebook.com/againfaster/posts/10151638121593820

If you buy in to the concepts in these two articles, you are headed down the right path for huge gains in GPP. Nothing wrong with deviating from that path, as long as you realize the tradeoffs and are doing it for the right reasons.

Andy said...

WOD post - had to modify a little to accommodate the course and # of people. Ended up executing in teams of 2 with a slightly shorter hill sprint (to keep it at ~1:00) and 20 HRPU in between. Good hustle across the board, tight shot group on rounds.

Jay & Ross: 20 sprints
Charles & MAC: 19
Allan & Jodie: 19
Roger & Chris: 19
OJ & Andy: 20

Thanks to Allan for bringing the sweet timer.

chris.m.rowe said...

IMCF Wiesbaden,

Fortunately or Unfortunately, there are no hills on Clay Kaserne. So I did "Michael" instead.

Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups


Ross said...


Started the day with a nice 3 mile jog with the hound. Then headed to the gym, warmed up, really focusing on my arms and lats after EVA this week, tight.. worked some OHS and Snatches at 135 did 3 set of 10 each exercise.

Modified the WOD since the only hill around here is a death trap at that time in the morning with everyone driving up it. and I am Solo...

160m Run (length of indoor track)
10 rds even

Finished with Box Jumps at 36"
and some Free (no wall) Hand Stand work.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Another "late" post...

Press (1RM ~145lb)
5x5 @ 115lb

15min AMRAP (15x HRPU + 150m up Warrior Hill (13% grade))
8rds (+ ~15secs to stop) or 7rds and about 100m

Handstand holds (3x 1min)
Foam rolling

Then spent 3 hours bike riding with my son and his friends from the SAC

Jake78 said...

Today took another step in Strength!!!

Back Squat

Despite being more sore, everything went very well today, no issues and the weights just glided up.

I was so happy that I went for a max height box jump.

Wound up at 39 inches (got the measuring tape out to be sure). Which is neat because I'm only 66 inches!

Chalk Up,
Jake Atkins