Jul 11, 2013

Friday 07.12.13

“1/2 Mile of Hell”
Morning Session Times

In teams of 2, for time:
2 x 100m Burpee broad jumps
2 x 100m Walking lunges
2 x 100m Bear crawl
2 x 100m Reverse bear crawl
400m Buddy run

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes.
Friday is Team WOD Day -- one single mass start at 0600.  Try to be at the track by 0540 to start
warming up, we'll do a quick WOD brief and form teams around 0550. Should be lots of new arrivals, partner up with someone new. Coordinate any later times on the blog.

Partners relay in leapfrog fashion, taking turns on each exercise and completing the entire 100m leg. On completion of a leg, athletes jog forward to the next transfer point and wait for a tag from their partner. Finish with a 400m buddy run, you must start and finish at the same time as your partner.

If scaling is required, a) partners switch whenever and as often as needed or b) reduce the distance for one or both partners. NOTE -- hands should be fine on the track, but no one will make fun of you (too much) if you wear some kind of gloves.

Training Videos.


Andy said...

22:02 with Allan. Just as fun as I remembered it being.

Rings after (MUs, L-pulls, skin the cats). Good week of work, looking forward to some rest this weekend.

Good showing for the Team WOD, about 16 strong this AM. Keep spreading the word as people come on board.

Sadr City King said...

Scott and I had an awesome time.....just kidding, this one hurt finished after Jodie and Susan (thanks for the push)
Did an experimental WOD
2 SDLHP 165/115
4 BJ 30/24
6 GHD SU w/ 25/15 lb plate
8 Pullups-4:08
This one will change due to the limited ability to actually Sumo DL the added weight.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"Freelance Friday!"

Angie @ 23:10

w/ chest-to-deck pushups & Abmat situps

Allan Jackman said...

Charles, looks like a good Saturday WOD, except that SDLHP looks beasty and I don't have a GHD at my place (Might have to stack some of my old tires to make shift a GHD).

monroe said...

Rest day. Oly work tomorrow, followed by some much needed TTB and butterfly pullup practice. Have a good weekend everyone!

Scott S said...

yeah, good times had by all! Good turnout and had a lot of fun in a demented way.

Great job Andy bringing everyone together for the WOD and even better job smoking it!

Reverse Bear crawls....I feel like no matter how fast I was trying to crawl backward the track was no letting me gain any actual ground to get to the finish line, like I was on a treadmill or something. I felt like I was standing still as Susan passed me!

Godzilla afterwards, good times, almost missed 1 BxJmp and got so amp'd for one of the SDLHPs that I smacked myself in the chin and am still feeling it Sat afternoon!