Jul 4, 2013

Friday 07.05.13

Run 10K.

Post time to comments.  

Coach's Notes.

Compare to 04.22.13.  Everyone will be on a 96, but if you want to propose a start time and starting location, post to the blog.

  • 5k Run Routes - reference here for on-post routes, run 2 laps or reverse direction.
  • Off Post 10k Routes - a change of scenery is nice. Two ideas for out & back routes in town.


    Ross said...

    IMCF SD Det at JBLM

    Been in field past two days, no workout for me. Made it in for a bit today but didn't feel like running. It was more of a throw heavy things day. So I PR'd C&J at 245, and worked some OHS and Squat snatches @135.

    Andy said...

    Makeup day on the 10k. 10th St route off post, ran it more like 2 x 5k with a 2 min break at the turn.

    23:15 / 24:30. Felt good to get out there, but didn't feel good. Combo of holiday festivities and the rolling hills slowed me down.