Jun 18, 2013

Wednesday 06.19.13

For time:
5 muscle ups / 50 double unders
4 muscle ups / 40 double unders
3 muscle ups / 30 double unders
2 muscle ups / 20 double unders
1 muslce up   / 10 double unders

Post time to comments.

Sub for double unders is 3 singles for each double under rep (150, 120, 90 ...)

(DU Challenge - Day + 16)  

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)

Stare those goats down and don't blink!  Here are two skills that may frustrate some folks, good thing we have scaling options.

As for the double unders...if you have any double unders then do the 150 double unders!  The only way to slay that goat is to work them in a WOD every time they come up.  If you have no double unders, then use the 3:1 substitution.

As always, many options for scaling the muscle up.  Pick what is most challenging for you but still able to be completed for 15 reps.  Kipping, jumping, band assist, leg assist off the floor or you may sub each rep of a muscle up with 3 reps of pullups and 3 reps of dips.  No need to type a manifesto on the muscle up when the Journal and countless videos exist to demo the mechanics, progressions, transition and scaling options for this gymnastic movement.  A few samples below from competent coaches.

Training Videos.
  • From the pocket gymnast, a Kipping MU demo.
  • From Laurie Galassi at CFHQ, more MU progressions.
  • And some dude with a slow motion MU, even though its in real time.  Don't let the rings get as wide as he does, keep 'em in tight.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

10x10* @ 75lb (1min rest b/w)
*last 3-5 reps on last 3 sets degraded to push-press

WOD @ 6:08
scaled MUs with blue band 1:1
DUs all unbroken

DU challenge - 87 DUs (unbroken)
stability/core work with TRK

Jake78 said...

Back Squat
135x5x3 (missed the last two on my last set)

Then rested a little and did the WOD

Did three sets of five at what used to be my 3RM for back squat about a week ago. I like it, but may start doing the high bar back squat, the front squat, and the overhead squats in weekly rotations. I'm also gonna research the actual box squats that Westside advocates and see what would be applicable.

Press was very hard. On that last set I had good velocity up to rep three, then I just hit a wall and the bar wouldn't move. I only waited 2 minutes between set 2 and 3, perhaps I needed more. Either way that was a bit disappointing - and tiring!!

Deadlift was strong today. Had no issue with 340, but it definitely wasn't easy!!

Could not resist the WOD today, and I knew it would be quick so I just put away my weights, wrapped up and jumped in with Rob. Nice group this morning too!

Jake Atkins

Noah said...

5:20 Rx'd. Added in some deadlifts afterwards just to pick up something heavy for the day.

Jake, there seems to be a typo in your blog post. You accidentally typed 2:51!

Andy said...

5:04 Rx on the WOD. Wrists did not want to turn after a few MU. DU were slow getting started and choppy every round. Nice work, Jake!

40 DU afterward for Day +16.

To some of the new folks - MUs don't happen overnight! Gotta work on your pullup strength, full ROM ring dips (especially the stability aspect), and holding a false grip. Improve your kip on ring pullups, and find ways to practice your transition. It'll come...

Jared said...

Double goat today. My two worst events rolled into one. Over 20 minutes to complete but refused to count single jumps. Simply could not string them together. MU were jumping with the rings just above head height.


Big congrats to Andy for selection to LTC from below the zone!

Ross said...


No place to run for today's wod so scrolled back and made up this wod the best I could. Had to scale MUs due to bar height, couldn't go from dead hang so off feet, trying to avoid cheating or using legs to get up. Makes kipping hard. Went unbroken on DUs.