Jun 11, 2013

Wednesday 06.12.13

Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell swings (55/35)
12 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

(DU Challenge - Day +9)  

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)

Whoa, has it really been this long since we visited Helen?  Compare to 12.22.11, maybe?

Another great benchmark opportunity.  One of the earlier girls, Helen doesn't look too taxing on paper.  It's only 3 rounds...only 400m...21 KBS at 1.5 pood seems reasonable...only 12 pull-ups?  No sweat!  Just remember the old CF Endurance shirt that says: "You don’t understand cardio until you’ve done Helen."  

Give it all you've got, and try to go unbroken on your KBS and PU.  Warm up well, maybe a light jog and some strides followed by mobilization of your hips and shoulders.  Scale options include reducing the KB weight or performing Russian swings (to parallel) if needed.  Shoot for Rx on your pull-ups, or use the lightest band you're comfortable with.  Post-WOD, dedicate some additional time to refining your pull-up technique, kipping or butterfly.  Some helpful vids below.

Training Videos.
  • "WOD 130102 Demo: Helen" - HQ vid from CrossFit Addiction, good explanation of movement standards about a minute in.
  • "Kipping Pull-Up Instructional" - HQ vid with Cherie Chan of CF Verve.  Thorough demo for beginners looking to develop their kip.  Great for trainers also...
  • "Learning The Butterfly Pull Up" - good tutorial from Jason Kalipha (heads up -- spicy language if watching with kids or at work).  Like the progressions he uses to build up to the full movement.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

10x10 @ 65lb

"Helen" @ 11:02
subbed DB ILO KB (55lb)
compared to 12:02 on 12.22.11

DU challenge = 80 unbroken (new PR!)
I think I've miss interpreted the standard. Less than two weeks into the event and I'm already in PR territory.

Andy said...

9:59 Rx, good push from the 0630 group. Improved :35 from my last attempt May 12. WODs like this make me wish the run route started right at the rig.

Got my 33 UB DU after (took a while) and HS walk to 24'...tired shoulders.

Nice PRs, Scott! I think you have tested out of the DU challenge early.

Ross said...


Did a rowing Helen today just due to having to go in and out of a normal army gym for the run..

Row 500m
21 KBS @53lbs
12 pull-UPS


Pull UPS were terrible today after yesterday.

Erik said...


Rx: 8:15

Jake78 said...

Continued with Strength building today:

Back Squat

Bench Press

Power Clean

Tired of writing in the warm-up sets, but did 4 progressive sets before each lift. Did better with the knees than on Monday. I'm concerned about the depth though, so from now on I'll grab one of those little bitty balls to use as a "box", until that concern goes away. Might start subbin' Push Press or Jerk for the bench press.

Goals for this adventure:
Olympic Lifts are awesome, but futile if you lack fundamental strength in the deadlift, press, and squat. Goal here is to get my back squat to 350 plus, my deadlift to 450, and my press to 200 or more with my bodyweight sitting at 165 right now. Should take 2 months, 3 months if I stuck earlier.
Once there I'll start focusing more on Olympic lift technique and application. Then I wouldn't mind competing in the Master's Division in some events. But we'll see.

Jake Atkins

Noah said...

9:44, swinging 53# and butterfly pullups. Was able to keep the swings and pullups unbroken. The sprints were admittedly slow.

Guess who figured out what HTML tags are today?

monroe said...

Jake, I appreciate your goals. However, the data does not support your assertion of the futility of weightlifting when the goal is strength, especially WRT deadlifts. My own experience is the inverse. My deadlift total increased when I did nothing but weightlifting for six months. I know plenty of athletes that can deadlift 2x BW that cannot snatch anywhere near BW. Some of that is due to the complexity of the oly lifts, but studies show that slow lifts do not contribute to speed strength while the inverse is true for explosive lifts. Weightlifters do a lot of squatting, and in this case your assertion is accurate. But, when it comes to lifting from the ground and going overhead, every weightlifting program I've studied center on explosive pulls near or at the 1 RM for the oly lift, and jerks.
Anyway, as you progress with the slow lifts you can still practice the oly lifts to groove the neuro pathways they use. Good luck! )I'll dig around for the studies I mentioned)

Jake78 said...

Mark - thanks for the feedback!

I agree the Oly lifts and the slow ones don't necessarily line up perfect.

But I will say that if I can deadlift 450 and squat 350, and straight press 200, a 250 pound clean and jerk shouldn't be an issue.

Snatches on the other hand... totally agree. That takes practice, lots of good practice, but significant strength can help overcome some technique (not all though!!).

I'll definitely grease the neuro-grooves as I progress. I'd love to see the studies too - thanks!