Jun 4, 2013

Wednesday 06.05.13

“(Running) Tosh”
3 rounds for time:
Run (200m + 400m+ 600m)

Maintain a work : rest ratio of exactly 1:1

Post total time to comments (splits if possible).

Coach's Notes. 
(DU Challenge - Day 2)  Meet at the track, standard group start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800.  Other times to comments.  1:1 work to rest ratio...in other words, rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set.  For example: 
Run 200m in :35, then rest :35.  Run 400m in 1:15, then rest 1:15.  Run 600m in 2:00, then rest 2:00.  One round down...roll right into your next 200m run.
Don't underestimate the difficulty of keeping track of split times and rest intervals.  This one is famous for causing exercise-induced math failure.

"Tosh" is a classic CrossFit Endurance WOD format, and has run/swim/row/bike variations.  We're looking to get out and run today, hence the "Running Tosh" specified.  If injury or other factors prevent you from running, pick an alternative sport and try the same format.

CHALLENGE NOTES -- If you missed the previous post, the new IMCF challenge is unbroken double unders, adding one per day for a month until you hit 30.  If you already have mad DU skillz, pick your current UB DU personal best, subtract 15, and that's your start point.  You'll hit PR territory mid-challenge and be forced to expand your comfort zone toward the end.  If you didn't start yesterday, play catchup today.

Training Resources.
  • "What Should I Do to Warmup?" - FAQ from CF Endurance provides some guidance on what you ought to be doing before monostructural cardio activity.  Just like a METCON, you don't want your heart rate to spike for the first time after "3,2,1...go".  The more intense the workout, the more deliberate the warmup needs to be.  This one is pretty intense.


rob said...

I had planned on the usual 0520ish arrival and 0545ish start...however I think I broke my toe playing softball tonight. Fortunately we won, but that doesn't help the toe. I'm going to take an alibi on this one. But for the regular morning group, have fun.

Jared said...

I have early work so planning on the 0630 start. Not sure if Noah is sticking with 0800.

Ross said...


Still on road, worked out with Hellgate Crossfit in Missoula, MT today.

18 min AMRAP
200m Run
3 DL@ 225
27 Air Squats

8 rds completed

Erik said...


~27 mins total (appx. distances on base jogging path)

Jake78 said...

Real small group this morning, off times as well. The track was closed due to an APFT by STB. Did the Tosh at the bubble.

Joel and I started around 0535, with a group of 3 starting around 0540ish.

Odd way to do it, but they insisted on those 5 minutes. Wound up being a round ahead of them which was still nice, as the distances lined up.

Was too discombobulated to keep the overall time, but my splits looked like this for the rounds:

200m: 40~45 sec
400m: 1:10~1:28
600m: 2:10~2:28

Round three was tough!

Jake Atkins

Noah said...

Did this solo at the track, could have used someone to pull me along.
200's: 44,40,40
400's: 1:37,1:30,1:32
600's: 2:27, 2:32, 2:30

Jason McKenzie said...

Not the normal crowd at the track, although I went around 0600.

200s - 38,40, 38
400s - 1:28, 1:30, 1:28
600s - 2:23, 2:19, 2:21

jogged there and back ~.5 miles each way. Needed the cool down for sure.

Jared said...

At the track this morning. About 27 min total time for the WOD. The 600s were brutal.

monroe said...

At the track this afternoon around 1300, steady downpour. Kept about a 7:00 minute mile pace. Not a sprint, but not jogging either. That was tough after yesterday's squats. Had to give myself a good talking to to get out the door.
Did 3x33 DU's before heading out. On the way back in met Jeff and Emily Anderson, new to the Fort. They were checking out the bubble so I gave them a walk-around. Jef works at MCTP "C." Welcome aboard!

Matt B. said...

Stayed home today. 5x5 press at 95-95-100-105-105. Six reps on last set. Finished with some piked hspu.

Tony Hudson said...

Track was only mostly closed....

Five APFTers left plenty of space for my group of four.

25 jumping AS, 25 Charles Mooney, 25 lunges
BS 5x3


200: 42/41/43
400: 1:31/1:33/137
600: 2:10/2:17/2:22

Tosh was a smoker

41 burpees for dessert...

Andy said...

Missed it and am kicking myself. Hope to get it in at lunch tomorrow...