Jun 17, 2013

Tuesday 06.18.13

"Two Ton Pickup"

For time, lift 4000 lbs via one armed dumbbell or kettlebell snatch.

Post time to comments.

(DU Challenge - Day + 15)  

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)

So we need to do a little math before the WOD to figure out how many reps of what weight will get us to 4000 lbs.  A heavier weight for fewer reps? Or a lighter weight for more reps?  Or a combination of the two?  Not to insult anyone's math skills, but for illustration: a 50# weight needs only 80 reps, a 20# weight needs 200 reps.  Athletes may switch between left or right side reps as needed, and may decide to change the weight during execution.  The goal is a level of intensity that allows mechanically safe snatches for every rep.

Let's use the standard of one fluid movement from the ground to a locked out overhead position for each rep, avoid the hanging or swinging snatch variations.  Not necessary to catch the weight in a depth below parallel or squat to below parallel but that certainly adds more 'work' to the movement and is significantly harder than doing a one armed snatch caught in an upright position.

It is important to remember to set your loaded shoulder back to keep tension in the system.  And your free arm is also part of that same system, so externally rotate that free shoulder to prevent losing stability.  It makes a difference!

Training Videos.
  • Here is a video, courtesy of CFHQ, of a Dumbbell Snatch.  Not required to squat in the catch but give it a try if you want.
  • Here is a video, courtesy of CFHQ, of a KB snatch from the swing.  Take the weight from the ground for today's WOD.
  • Here is a video, courtesy of CFHQ, of a Barbell Snatch.  Although we are not prescribing the barbell today, note Pat Barber's mechanics on each attempt.  Great example of speed thru the middle.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

3-mile aerobic run
29:06 @ 149bpm w/ 47 sec recovery

WOD @ 8:31
40lb dumbbell

Mobility work on calves

Jake78 said...

Did Helen today:
10:07 - I think that's a personal best for me.

Then I decided to try to see just how high I could go on kneeling box jumps.

I started off just jumping to my feet, then I used those black mats that you can stack and went progressively up.

Got to 15 inches before I missed. A good start.

Jake Atkins

Noah said...

5:12 with 40# dumbbell. Went 10 per side for 5 sets and seemed to work alright. Some impressive times on the board this morning though!

Andy said...

5:44 with a 70# DB. Good exercise in ego vs. power output after seeing all the sub-5:00 times at 40#. Thought I could handle 70 for 58 reps, and was motivated to go heavy by the "Hundreds" regional WOD. Cycle time dropped off quickly, changed the flavor of the WOD. Saw Tom complete in 2:36(?) with a 53# KB. Impressive.

39 DU on Day +15 of the challenge.

Seeing new faces in the Bubble every day, good stuff.

Jared said...

4:17 this morning. Started with 40 reps at 50# then finished 50 reps 40#. Wanted to maintain speed and intensity so I dropped weight. Could probably stuck with 50# but would have tired quickly.
Still working on the DU challenge and did 15 reps twice this morning.

Ross said...


After a night sleeping on ground was a bit tight but was able to get back for a noon work out...

Hit this one with a 70lbs KB, for a time of 3:13, nice WOD to get the sweat going.. Finished with some BJ and OHS@ 135..

Russ Ames said...

9:21 alternating with 50lbs right arm, 35-40 lbs left arm.
Wasted time with KBs...Dbs don't have that swing motion to slow down movement at the top.