Jun 3, 2013

Tuesday 06.04.13

Get Heavy
"Squat Trifecta Total"

In 30 minutes or less, find your:
   - Overhead Squat 3RM
   - Front Squat 3RM
   - Back Squat 3RM

Your STT score is the sum of the max loads successfully lifted for each movement.
(example:  OHS - 3 x 115, FS - 3 x 185,  BS - 3 x 275 = 575 total)

Coach's Notes. 
WOD rules:
  • After a comprehensive warm-up, athletes have a maximum of 3 attempts and 10 minutes per exercise to establish a 3RM in each of the 3 squats. 
  • Formal judging is not required, but all reps must be performed to standard.  Partner up and make sure you are hitting full ROM on all reps -- depth below parallel.
If you have been participating in the Squat Challenge, post your score along with your baseline 3RM values for comparison (with a +/- differential and % change) and anything you may have learned along the way.

Training Videos. 
."Pre-Squat Hip Opener Mob-Rx" - First, a quick re-hash of basic squat specific mobility exercises from M-Wod's Kelly Starrett.  

And, some short demos from Reebok CF One reviewing points of performance/standards for each movement.  Review the vids and notes in the "About" section.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Interval training
4x400, 2x800, 4x 400

OHS @ 125lb
FS @ 195lb*
BS @ 135
Total 455lb

*When the bar "bounced" at the top of the third rep of second, I tweaked my back. Rather than pushing and causing further damage, I completed the exercise with 135lb back squat. Form and technique felt good just had a bad 'moment'. My back has been on-off since I tweaked in the cruise gym.

TRX core exercises

Jake78 said...

Last night did a good old fashioned Starting Strength workout, then realized that today was 3RM squats... curses. I'll have to do it tomorrow because I'm smoked.

Did the swim WOD today with the senior swim team. My waterwings made them giggle.

Back Squat
45x5; 135x5; 185x5; 225x3

45x5; 75x5

45x5; 135x5; 185x5; 225x5; 285x3

Jake Atkins

Noah said...

Did not do the squat month, but needed to re-benchmark myself today as I have not been going heavy enough often enough to be worth a hoot at these lifts.
OHS 135, FS 185, BS 205. Not near my 3 rep PR for these lifts.

Jared said...

OHS @ 155 (Failed on rep 3 @165)
FS @ 205
BS @ 225 (Failed on rep 3 @ 245)

Total 585.

rob said...

This was a humbling day in the bubble. I'm not even close to where I can be (have been) for the 3 squats. I thought I had more capacity than I showed today. So it's also a good day in that I now have some intermediate goals.

OHS - 135
FS - 225
BS - 225

Andy provided great feedback and I have some things to work on. It's always valuable to have someone watch your mechanics.

rob said...

I did start the DU challenge and got my "1" today.

Ross said...


I am on the road this week, drove to Billings Montana yesterday, since the crowne plaza has a noon checkout, I decided to loosen from my drive by visiting CF Billings. They had just returned from the Regionals lastnight where their affiliate team competed, but still very accommodating and great to work out with. I will have to do the Squat Test next week after I am done driving.. Off to Missuola today.

400 M run
8 DB PP @35 lbs
12 TTB
16 Goblet Squats @53 lbs
100 ft Farmers carry @100 lbs each side..
Time 12:50

Matt B. said...

OHS @ 110# (+10), Failed at 115#.
FS @ 175# (+10), Barely got 3rd rep up.
HBBS @ 215# (+10), Barely got 3rd rep up. I baselined with the LBBS, but wasn't feeling low-bar today.

500 Total

monroe said...

warmed up with 30-40-50 Double unders, then:
BS 225x3
FS 195x3
OHS 155x3
I did lots of warmup backsquat sets, then my working set. From there I just dropped some weight and knocked out the FS and OHS.
Finished with some CTB pullups.

Andy said...

A good day, 3 PRs! New and (old) 3RM, old is from week of 6 May:
OHS - 195 (170)
FS - 225 (205)
BS - 295 (255)
Total - 715 (630)

Came out too high on FS and failed lifts 2&3. Might have had more in the tank on BS. Still, 10-15% gains in each lift since May. I think it all came from technique refinements, top and bottom.

Rob -- updated the DU challenge for experienced athletes. I will be playing catchup tomorrow.

Ross said...


Made up Tuesdays squat trifecta today, used three warm up sets for each exercise was able to finish everything in 28 min
FS- 135, 185, 225 then 3reps@ 275 tried and failed second rep of 295
BS- 225, 275, 315 then 3 reps @ 335
OHS- 95, 135, 155 then 3 reps @ 175
Total - 785, 30 lbs better than early may