Jun 26, 2013

Thursday 06.27.13

5 RFT:
30 double unders
10 overhead walking lunge steps (45/25)

Post time to comments.

(DU Challenge - Day +24 )

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)

You know those double unders aren't going away!  Who knows, once the CF community masters double unders, maybe triple unders will become the new norm.  They did air a commercial about it during the Open.

For the lunges, feel free to use a dumbbell, barbell, weight plate or appropriately sized child.

Training Videos.
  • Good description of the walking Overhead Lunge courtesy of Paradiso CF.  Keep that front shin vertical and maintain active shoulders.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Used 45lb sandbag
10x steps per leg (10x steps out and back)

DU Challenge - 100 (new PR!!)

100 DUs has been a goal for the better part of a year. I think this deserves a self-gratification reward - an upgrade to an "Ultra" rope?

monroe said...

5:13 RX. Three out of five of the DU sets were broken by a trip. Still messing around with the length of my rope and hand positioning.

Allan Jackman said...

Some bozo didn't set up the clock correctly this morning so the time is unknown.

Jake78 said...

5:45 with the bar in the snatch grip overhead.

Probably could have moved faster on the lunges, but didn't figure that out until round 3.

Also I appreciate the feedback on the IMCF google group strength reviews!! Thank you!


Greg M said...

4:29 as Rx'd

Noah said...

Holy smokes if I didn't know better I'd say that is Greg "the Lean Machine" Mclean! Good to hear from you Greg. Thanks for checking up on IMCF.

Hope Centurion CF is treating you well.

Greg M said...

Hello Noah, yeah it is me. Centurian has been awesome. I am on leave for a week, so I thought I would give IMCF some love to switch up my programming. Hope all is well...

Ross said...


In from the field for a couple of hours knocked this out on Sunday.
30 DUs
10 overhead walking lunges each leg ( 10 down and back@ 45 lbs)

Time - 6:26