Jun 12, 2013

Thursday 06.13.13

Bike 15 miles (or ~40 mins)

Post distance and time to comments.

(DU Challenge - Day +10)  

Coach's Notes. (start times TBD - coordinate by posting to comments)

Despite the overall preference for sprints, intervals, and other forms of high intensity training there is a place for LSD (Long, Slow Distance) in CrossFit.  The goal today is to get on the bike (when's the last time you saw that on here?) and spin for 40-45 minutes.  Look to maintain a hard, steady pace...not an all out race or time trial pace.  Between 70% - 80% on the ol' RPE scale.  If biking isn't an option, sub a run/row/swim with a similar intent.

One recommended course here for those on mountain bikes.  A loop around the airfield, the big hill loop (up Sheridan Drive and down McPherson by the stables), and a final airfield loop gets you about 14.4 miles with some decent hills.  If you are riding a road bike, you're on your own.  You probably have a cool speedometer thing and can track your own distance/speed anyway.  Otherwise, plan a route on MapMyRun or a similar tool.

UPDATE -- With many of our athletes committed to the mandatory post run from 0600-0730, not making any assumptions on start times.  Posting the WOD early to allow coordination of linkup locations, planned routes, and start times on the blog.  Reminder, post policy mandates helmets and reflective clothing in hours of limited visibility.  Recommend riding in buddy teams, and bring a patch kit and H2O in case you you blow a tire in some remote location.

Training Videos.
  • "Cycling Basics" - Doug Katona of CFE talks pedal stroke and power generation.
  • "Inspired Bicycles" - Just for fun, an old classic off YouTube (WFS).  If you haven't seen it, it'll blow your mind seeing some of the stuff this nut job does on a bike. 


Andy said...

Anyone get a ride in? May have to pull this one off the shelf again soon, was looking forward to it.

Subbed a 3 mile trot around post this AM. Got some DLs in over lunch, worked heavy singles to 375.

Ross said...


Rode the stationary bike at the gym today, resistance level 7, took me 52:05 finished with some light OHS and snatch work.