Jun 5, 2013

Thursday 06.06.13

In the spirit of Regional WOD 5…

Perform 21-15-9 reps for time of:

Deadlift (1 x BW)
Big(ger) box jumps (30/24)

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)

(DU Challenge - Day +3)  This one is based off Regional WOD 5, but with slightly more modest goals on the deadlift.  Might need to update SGLI forms if we did 45 reps x 315. We are scaling down to bodyweight with a focus on speed strength.  Scale further if needed, you should be able to cycle through pretty rapidly with minimal rest.  Ensure you are starting each rep from a strong setup position.  Shoulders in front of the bar, stable core with lumbar curve locked in, slack out of the bar before driving hard.

On the box jumps, we are looking for a more intense stimulus than usual.  Go (30/24) as Rx'd, or scale as required...but make sure you are jumping higher than normal.  An intermediate scale can be achieved by placing a single plate (45/35/25) on top of your normal box.

Training Videos.
  • "North Central Women's Event 5" - haven't had enough love for the ladies.  This one shows Elisabeth Akinwale crushing it in a record 2:45 at (205/24).


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

9:51 as Rx'd

Deadlift @ 185lb
Box Jump @ 30"

Took this WOD slow and steady focusing on form. Between recovering from a mild back injury and the memory of exposing my tibia two years ago on the "big box', this was a big confidence booster.
Go figure - to prove I'm not a robot I have to type "acceptable"

Noah said...

My legs needed a rest after the last three days so went with Main Site's Annie for today...7:14 Rx'd.

Lookin forward to the team WOD on Friday morning.

Jared said...

6:47 w/ 175# DL and 30in box. DL unbroken but stepped off the box every time to save my already smoked Achilles/calves.

Jared said...

P.S. did day three DU challenge and it took me a couple of tries to string three. This challenge was made for me.

Ross said...


Reporting from Ellensburg, WA today. Worked out with Ellensburg CrossFit

Weighted Pull Up 3×5 @53lbs KB
Bent Over Row 3×8-10 @135lbs
4 Rounds for Time:
6 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups
6 Lateral Box Hops (24/20) (Rx is NOT touching the box, over and back is one rep)
8 HSPU - scaled for me as usual
200m Run

Time: 15:46

Andy said...

4:54 Rx at 175 BW. Something about the 21-15-9 format... Box jumps were different with no ability no rebound. Every one was deliberate (I also bear scars).

HS walk to 37'. Lare start but caught up (and ahead) on DU Challenge. PR of 44, so started at 25. Got sets 25-29 so good thru the weekend.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"Round 2"

Afternoon PT with the officers focusing on a little coordination, agility, speed, and accuracy - played ultimate frisbee

~1:00 hour

Now it's "condition"

Sadr City King said...

did a clean/burpee 21-15-9. finished in 5 min. Thanks for the push Andy. there is something about the set of 15 which makes me want to quit. Charles

Meghan Smith said...

6:56 @ 135# and 20"...honestly have no excuse for not doing 24"...

Did Annie yesterday @ 9:54. Abmats were slow but sets of 40/30/20/10 unbroken DU. Using 40 as PR start point for challenge.

monroe said...

Lunch Bunch! Did this with Ken and Carlos. Ken smoked it with something sub-5, I think. I got a 6:02 with 185# and a 24" box. Left a nice chunk of shin skin on the box, too. We all followed up with a little tabata Carlos recommended. 4 min each of TTB, butterfly situps, floor wipers, abmat situps. My score was 5,8,10,8. Did 47 DU's unbroken, will try thsoe again later. My PR is 101.

Jake78 said...

Focused on Strength today with the 3RM work I missed on Tuesday:

OHS = 145
FS = 205
BS = 285
Total = 635 = need to get stronger!

Bench Press
45x5; 95x5; 125x3

Power Clean
45x5; 95x5; 125x3

Will be there for the Team Farewell WOD tomorrow morning.

Jake Atkins

Matt B. said...

Bike tosh this morning on my indoor trainer. 1/2mi, 1mi, 2mi. Got around 1:05, 2:30, 5:00 across the three rounds. Took about 46 minutes total and a quart of sweat.