Jun 3, 2013

North Central Regional Closeout

Huge congrats to Jacob Heppner for his participation and performance at the 2013 North Central Regional Games in Chicago!  When the smoke cleared, Jake's Day 3 efforts left him at 18th place -- easily in the top half.  Downright amazing in a field that included the best of the best from thousands of Open competitors in the region.

Look forward to hearing stories from Jake, Mike and others that made the trip up there.  However, one of the many highlights had to be winning his heat of Event 4, "The Hundreds."  Pretty cool also that headed into the last event, he was in the Top 12 and got to compete against all the other he top finalists.  See the footage in the Event 7 video below!

For many of us aging warriors, the thought of qualifying for and competing in Regionals would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  For Jake, I have a feeling that this experience will only stoke the competitive fire even hotter.  Look forward to seeing the hardest working athlete in the Bubble work even harder, and pushing the envelope even further next year. Well done, Jacob.

Read the official recap of the final day's action from CF HQ here.

Games Coverage.

Great shots below and click here for other pics of Jake from the North Central FB site.  Love the Army shout out with his signature camo shorts.


monroe said...

Great job just getting to Regionals, Jacob. Congratulations on this milestone. Even beteer job at maintaining the mental and physical focus and tenacity to COMPETE and place as well as you did. We are all proud you were there to represent the Leavenworth fitness community.

kate lewis said...
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JeffreyShockley said...

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