Jun 3, 2013

Monday Notes
A variety of topics to cover...
  • Squat Challenge.  Spoiler alert for tomorrow's programming.  Tomorrow's main IMCF WOD is the "Squat Trifecta Total" and is also the closeout for the IMCF Squat Challenge.  Will provide details afterward on another mini-challenge to take us through the 4th of July holiday weekend.
  • ILE/SAMS Farewell WOD.  The team WOD this Friday, 7 Jun is our official send-off for the CGSC crowd that has been with us for the last year (or 2).  Take a break from all the packing and outprocessing and get one last sweatfest in at the Bubble.  Rob Craig is organizing the event, so expect a good one.  We'll do a 0545 WOD brief and "before" photo, with a 0600 start and an "after" photo to follow.  Click on the flyer below for details.  Come on out, bring your family and friends!

  • Programming Session.  Reminder, next programming session is tomorrow, 4 June at 1130 at the Frontier Conference Center.  Notes to follow in a separate email to the workgroup.
  • Last, a big congrats to Jacob Heppner for his performance in Chicago this weekend at the North Central Regional Games.  Worthy of a separate post, so standby...

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